Coffee is not just a drink but a spirit, culture and a bit of art mixed together and served in a cup. The true connoisseurs and coffee-lovers know that for a good cup of coffee one needs not only quality products, but also good preparation and deep knowledge in its making. Also, for the professionals, who have deep knowledge in the area the concept of “long coffee” is nonexistent for several reasons. Apart from the taste and aroma which change when the coffee is long, the acidity also changes and toxins are emitted. Because of this we can feel palpitations.

The Plovdiv guide  got on the lookout for the best coffee you can try in Plovdiv. That’s how we got to a coffee shop in the city center called „Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy“. Undoubtedly the establishment will impress you for several reasons and it’s not accidental that we introduce it to you today.

In „Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy“, the cup of coffee will transform from a normal morning routine in an incredible experience. The establishment is the only one in town and one of the four in the country which work by a program and standard of the popular brand ILLY and have the prestigious title “Masters of taste”. What does it mean you ask? It means that a whole team gets to work early in the morning in order to provide the same taste of the coffee as the one you can experience in cosmopolitan cities like Tokyo, New York and London. In addition to this, every year a part of the staff in „Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy“ visits the ILLY factory in Trieste for a special training.

You can try different blends in the coffee shop and one of our favourites is a combination of coffee beans from 9 different countries, among which Ethiopia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and India, but the other three are a secret. You can try the taste which comes from Ethiopia and is 100% Arabica and has the same merits as the ones in the prestigious coffee houses all over the world. An excellent drink is also the coffee whose aroma reminiscent of vanilla can melt and delight you at the same time. If we have to be completely honest we drank a few coffees in “Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy” and we couldn’t choose just one because all the drinks are different and unique. And yes, it isn’t a problem to drink a few coffees one after the other. Every drink is the exact amount it should be in order not to make you feel tension and palpitations even if you drink 10 coffees.

„Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy“ is a place where they pay a lot of attention to details. The stylish cups, the amazing lemonades and the smiling staff will win you with the very first visit. The guide of Plovdiv is proud to say: “We found the best coffee in Plovdiv!” Try it yourself, it’s worth it!