Sports club Total Sport opened its doors in November 2003 and for 15 years now it is part of the leading, modern equipped sports clubs in Bulgaria. It is located on a total area of 3 200 sq.m. and offers everything you need for sport and leisure. The club is the first example of the conversion of the abandoned tobacco warehouse into a building with social functions and has undoubtedly been established as the preferred place for the citizens of Plovdiv. When renovating the space, the team tried to keep the functionality as much as possible, and through the industrial interior design - the authentic appearance of the building. The building is still part of the ensemble monument in the Tobacco town and perfectly merges with the environment, preserving its architectural uniqueness. All subsequent upgrading actions, including the upcoming facelift on the first floor, are a unique example of industrial design based on Google and Microsoft's offices. The entire wooden structure, as well as the attic space, are carefully preserved and restored so that the wood is as good and complete as 90 years ago. All coatings are made of natural materials. Only in the gym have staked on a special floor that prevents natural vibration.

Total Sport is the only club in the city under the hills, which has a working professional golf simulator equipped with real sticks, balls and a huge screen, where, like in 3D cinema, the hits are designed in a real golf course. The simulator records everything - the strength and direction of the impact, the accuracy of the hit, and the golfer has the feeling that they are training on the grass of the field. It is suitable for beginners and advanced. It also continues for another year to be the only place with 2 squash courts for fans of the indoor sport.

The club atmosphere is an important part of the philosophy of owners and the staff and everybody puts a great deal of effort into making the atmosphere feel like a comfortable area in which to exercise and create social contacts and friendships at the same time.

Since its creation Total Sport has continued to be the place where sport meets culture, while presentations and exhibitions are an integral part of the interior and event program. It succeeds in establishing itself as a platform for artistry of many artists and a field of expression for many cultural figures.

Here the elderly ladies from the Health club also find their home during the winter period, who use completely free of charge one of the halls every day to conduct their workout. The place is suitable for every kind of people and the club is very proud of its colorful friends, for whom the goodwill and mutual respect are leading factors in the selection of such a complex. The whole concept is subordinated to the idea of having fun and socialization in any form with the sport. So it is no wonder that some of its halls in the evening turn into a dance floor for Latino and swing dancing clubs.

The club's sports activities are covered entirely by professional and proven instructors, and the equipment is the world-renowned Cybex Eagle brand. For your information, we will say that only three sports centers in Bulgaria use these devices. A trained nutritionist is also at your disposal who can prepare an individual nutrition program and introduce you to the most up-to-date trends.

It is extremely important to mention that there is no compromise with health and the focus is mainly on the perfect combination of "healthy spirit in a healthy body". In the coffee bar you can drink freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, various kinds of energizing drinks and smoothies, and for tea lovers - there is always a kettle with fresh mountain tea.

In the club, you can choose between squash, fitness, spinning, tae-bo, yoga, pilates, latino dance, swing dancing, boxing, high-intensity functional training and many other activities. Since its inception, Total Sport has not only been able to offer a variety of sports services but also to be a place for various cultural events, presentations, and exhibitions that make it part of the city's social life. It manages to survive in the second largest fire in the city under the hills and today as a bird phoenix continues to be the perfect example of a sporting space with social functions.