The world of the whiskey is a world of sensation. Life in single gulp.   Aromas of wood, peat, fruits and cinnamon, smoke and sea.  Whiskey isn’t just alcohol, it is an amber universe of tastes and aromas. In order to immerse yourself deep into this amazing world, all you need to do is to climb on the 9th panoramic floor of Hotel Imperial and open the massive wooden door that lead to the whiskey dimension in the specialized Whiskey Library Bar. A place in which you will certainly fall in love if aesthetics is what you’re looking for. 

Over 150 finely selected brands from all around the world. The most sophisticated single malt scotch, Irish and Japanese elixirs, exotic brands from the US, India and even Taiwan. Distilling whiskey is an art, not just producing alcohol. We are making art in our distilleries. We do that all our lives and from all of eternity. And we stay true to the traditions. The world also stays true to the scotch, said couple of days ago in The Whisky Library Bar the famous David Robertson from the emblematic Scottish distillery Dalmore, who has been in the Plovdiv whiskey club and has made a presentation of the four of Dalmore’s products.

In the menu of The Whiskey Library you can find samples of different scotch regions in Scotland, which guarantees the excellence of the drinks. You will find the amber liquid from Cambletown, the island distilleries Tallisier and Highland Park, the smoked classics of Isla island like Lafroyte, Ardbett, Ballmore and Lagavulin, lowland and highland whiskeys, scotch of Spaceside. The remarkable treasure of different sensations, carrying the spirit of every part of green Scotland.

In The Whiskey Library you can not only try the taste of Scotland, Ireland or Japan, but also study in detail the history of every single brand from the large book selection on the subject arranged above the fireplace and on the handmade wooden shelves. In fact, everything in the interior of The Whiskey Library Bar is made by master carpenters, as only the furniture is imported specially for the bar from Scotland itself.

For those of you, who love characters, our hosts of The Whisky Library also offer an attractive fumigation of the scotch ounce via a special machine, which smokes the amber liquid with smoke from burning peat, coming from the Scottish isles. Beyond that, we also offer special ways of drinking scotches such as MacCalun and Lafroyte. The panorama view of the hills is a bonus, the fire of hearth as well, and not to mention the countless reading material for Plovdiv, some of which are also prized bibliographic releases.

If you wish to discover a new world of feelings – the ninth floor of Hotel Imperial is your place. The Whiskey Library can be a perfect location for important business meeting over a glass of whiskey or the total intimacy with the fruit nuances in the 15th old Dalmore, aged in barrels of bourbon and sherry. And, in fact, the prices are very much affordable. An ounce can vary from six to twenty-six levas. Without a shred of doubt, the beautiful world of whiskey is worth every penny.