A young couple decides to transport the history of French macaroon in Plovdiv where they open small boutique pastry shop dedicated to the sweet temptations, called “Bebba’s macaroons”.

Behind “Bebba” are standing two charming young people – Petar and Maya. It all started when Maya sign at confectionery course, so she can learn the subtleties of the craft. It is when she discovers her passion for French macaroons. After the end of the course she continues making them at home. The idea of a pastry shop was born because many friends of the couple started to order macaroons from Maya for different events like birthday parties or weddings.

The pastry shop is located on “Bratia Miladinovi” st. – 7 A. It’s small and cozy and it is enjoining customers from September 2016. Their opinions are more than positive.

It is important that our customers are pleased and want to come back, think Maya and Petar. Their style of work is definitely a success. It’s just like a customer said: “I’ve tasted so delicious macaroons only in France!”

 The glamorous taste is not accidental. To create the macaroons, Maya uses nuts that makes to paste. There are no preservatives and flavorings in them. The main idea is to be healthy. You can find 15 different types of French macaroons in “Bebba” all with beautiful look and wonderful taste. But it’s almost sure that you would like to try them all. All you need is to take a glance at the colorful, tidy showcase. But that’s not all! Maya makes also cakes which you can taste with hot cup of coffee.