Food is not only a means for survival. Sometimes is happiness in bite of bread, pleasure for the palate and even a way of life. That’s what restaurant “Tomato” offers, served with wine. The idea of the place is to remind us the pleasure that food brings, especially with a combination of fine grape elixir. What’s even sweeter is that the restaurant is placed in one of the most beautiful monument of the culture in Plovdiv – The house with the medallion. The spirit of the building is reserved and authentic. Even the old wooden windows, locks and fittings have been preserved and restored. That is a good example that only makes us like the place even more.

“Tomato” is much different place in which we won’t show you a big menu. It’s not a typical restaurant or a café. The drinks and food are selected by the owners and the main chef. They are not too much, but enough to make you wanna try everything.

Almost all products in the hands of the main chef are selected by him. His name is Petar Pamukov. Every morning he makes a tour across the town markets in order to find the best vegetables and meat. He’s growing most of the spices himself just to be sure that they are fresh and the taste of the meals is perfect.

The site offers tapas, pinchos, fresh salads, main dishes and light desserts. To all this, you can add a glass of wine from different wineries in the country with proven quality, well-known to amateurs and professionals, personally selected by the owners of "Tomato”. There you will find a new reading of Bulgarian and international cuisine, complemented by a stylish presentation. The lunch suggestions are different every day and the prices would satisfy every customer.

“Tomato” opens early – in 07:00 o’clock. At breakfast you can taste delicious buns, combined with several kinds of coffee or fresh sandwich made with French bread and tea.

"Tomato" is a place created with respect and love for food. It offers its clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in different tastes of light dinner and a bouquet of aromatic wines to make your meal an experience. The restaurant quickly became preferred because of the good quality and great service. On this occasion it is expected the working hours to be extended.

The upcoming months will be exciting as the currently open garden will become a winter one. The restaurant will also open a new level, which is expected to happen in December. Soon there will be series of culinary themed evenings. Each evening will be devoted to different cuisine in the world presenting dishes that are not on the menu.

The only thing left to mention is the great interior. It combines the old school retro style in furnishing with industrial modern elements. It’s hard to say what kind of place is “Tomato”, but one thing is for sure – it is a place for fun and pleasure, respect for food, wine and cultural heritage.