Today we take you on an international culinary journey just a few minutes from the Main Street in Plovdiv. We go along Capitan Raycho and at the first street on the right we find ourselves in the colorful world of the Tex-Mex restaurant Taco Reyes Mexican Grill. It opened its doors in 2019, but at the beginning of this year it completely renewed its menu with even better authentic recipes and some new products that you shouldn’t miss.

In fact, the author of all these culinary delights literally grew up in the restaurant business. Marvin Reyes' parents immigrated from El Salvador (near Mexico) to the US in the early 1980s and established the first Salvadoran-Mexican restaurant in Washington DC. As a child, Marvin spent his days after school doing his homework at the restaurant and then serving tables and customers. He has always loved to cook and his favorite memories are when he and his grandmother prepared traditional recipes such as taco de lengua, carnitas taco and sopa de pollo.

Subsequently, Marvin decided to attend university and obtain a business degree. This led him to a very successful career in senior management positions at companies such as Nordstrom, Uncle Julio's and Besito Mexican Restaurant, but over time he realized that this was not his passion. He met and married his wife Iliana and decided to move to her hometown of Plovdiv. When he arrived in Bulgaria, Marvin realized that there is no authentic Mexican restaurant here and decided to combine his business experience and culinary skills, starting the Taco Reyes adventure. In the last year, the creators of Bulgarian Honey Co - Jen and Mitko Katsev - joined the venture with their knowledge and experience, and together they added some new things to the menu.

Something that will immediately impress you, and you won’t find anywhere else in Bulgaria, is the Mexican tripe soup - menudo. A great alternative to the Bulgarian version, which all lovers of the dish should try. The restaurant also said that some of their favorite tacos are the Tex Mex Tacos and Beef Tongue Tacos, but whatever you choose to try is sure to impress your palate. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, where they try out a new recipe and the ones that are best received by customers stay on the menu. Be sure to ask what they have to offer! There is also a choice for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Everything is well balanced in taste and you can always make it extra hot to get as close to the Mexican way of eating as possible. Every weekday they also offer a delicious and filling lunch menu.

And as for drinking - now is the time for strawberry margaritas, and this should be one of the first things you order. What's more Mexican than a margarita on the beach... well, we're staying here in Plovdiv, but every sip will transport you directly to the shore, at least mentally! They serve a version with pineapple all year round, and in the summer, you can also try it with watermelon and blueberries. Of course, there are other, also quite interesting drinks - Juanita's spicy beer, mead and something suitable for young and old - horchata. Again, something very typical of Mexico – a refreshing drink made of milk, rice and cinnamon, which tastes simply divine and is a must on hot days!

Everything is prepared on the spot, and the products are delivered daily because Taco Reyes doesn’t have a freezer. All the staff speak excellent English and the restaurant is one of the highest rated on TripAdvisor in the city under the hills.

It's also where you can join in and celebrate major American and Mexican holidays such as:

- Cinco de Mayo

- 4th of July  - with a special barbecue menu

- Day of the Dead

- Thanksgiving – traditional menu featuring turkey, cranberry sauce and yams. It is also the time to exchange Christmas presents

- Olympic Games

- World Cup

Taco Reyes is open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and offers catering for events, parties and business meetings. The address is 30 Leonardo da Vinci Street, and the contact phone number is 089 350 7269.