If the wine lovers have their own temple in Plovdiv, it’s Vino Culture. In a club hidden in a small intersection at “Otetz Paisii”st., the wine is not only a drink, but a religion. There, the drink of the gods is pour and consume like a ritual. The thematically nook is preferred from people with taste and esthetical visions. It attracts with a simple formula – high quality and available prices. And to create a new culture of drinking wine at the bar or on the pavement outside.

Borid Dobrev is the reason the little wine bar turned into a magnetic place. He is the sommelier, the waiter and the friend in Vino Culture. Everyone calls him Borkata. He becomes your friend right after the first glass of wine and wins you over forever. Try it! You’ll see we’re not fooling you around.

Dobrev spent many years abroad working in this sphere. The idea is born and developed there. In the end he abandons the civilized wine countries, he comes back in Plovdiv and makes his dream come true. There are always several types of opened bottles at his bar which are part of Vino Culture wine list. Boreto knows what the client needs – cold white wine, sweet rose or purple red wine. Wine is not only a liquid. It’s also the glass of the bottle, it’s the cork. He believes good wine can be made from any sort of grape. On the shelves, you can see production from Portugal, France, Macedonia, Spain, South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Anyhow… his main purpose is to show the potential of Bulgarian wine. He selects typical varieties from each Bulgarian region - Vratsa Muscat, Vratsa pansy, mavrud, ruby, early Melnik Vine, Wide Melnik Vine, Karlovo Muscat and Tamianka.

A wine can’t go without food. The bar is determined by many of his fans as one of the gourmet points in Plovdiv. It relies on tapas, bruschetta, appetizers, but with special and expensive products. Boris determines his cuisine as simple but homemade. Everything is cooked in small portions so it may preserve its freshness. You can combine wine with duck goods, different types of pate, sea food, different delicacies from Spain and Portugal, Bulgarian flavors in modern version. They are several fixed meals, but there is something new every day.

In Vino Culture, the culture is not directed only to wine. There are concerts, literature readings, etc. There is nothing better than a summer evening with a scent of white wine. Or a cold winter night in a warm atmosphere and a glass of red wine with a smell of ruby.