The restaurant of the famous Plovdiv chef Nikolay Boroukov has a reputation for being one of the most preferred places for lovers of culinary art.

Its central location, right behind the Saedinenie Monument, its cozy atmosphere and the professional team, most of which have tempted us with their divine dishes since the Fado restaurant, are only a small part of the advantages that we can’t help but emphasize.

European food, with an inclination towards the Mediterranean combining both classical and a lot of original meals–this is how we can describe the rich menu in Salt and Pepper as accurately as possible. Every week, different culinary suggestions are introduced and their lunch menu is one of the most complete and varied in the city under the hills.

The restaurant cooks absolutely and only with seasonal products that are delivered daily to ensure their freshness and superb taste. Everything is prepared on the spot - from handmade bread to fresh pasta and natural desserts. The chef himself selects his suppliers and tries to use small dairies and farms where the taste of the products is as authentic as possible.

The wine list is also impressive, as the selection is made by Bulgarian regional producers. Everything is specially selected for the restaurant and the staff will always recommend what would add to the taste of the dishes you choose.

The interior place is spacious, on two levels and artistically separated by aquariums with oysters and crayfish. There is a smaller room for up to 15 people, which allows events to be held in a narrower circle and a relaxed atmosphere. The entire restaurant is surrounded by a large terrace, decorated with a variety of herbs and spices, which complement the feeling of home coziness and unobtrusiveness. There is also a special space devoted to the numerous gastronomy awards earned by Salt and Pepper over the years, the last of which was "Best Classic Restaurant of Bulgaria for 2017".

There are few places where the chef is the owner and this can only guarantee the maintenance of high quality and dedication so that the customers would always return because here they can find the food they love, prepared with desire. He is always in the restaurant, ready to respond to any desire and today, to his constant clientele, he succeeds to add new admirers every day.

For him, cooking is much more than a profession, but a real passion, and that is reflected in every culinary masterpiece he offers us. And to be even more specific, we will recommend some of Boroukov's favorite dishes, which include: boletus with butter, garlic and parsley, guinea fowl fillet with couscous and lentils, mango sauce, parmesan and truffle flavor, beef bon fillet "Elixir", fillet of sea bass, sprinkled and baked with dried tomatoes, cedar nuts, fresh basil, handmade chocolate candies with crèmebrûlée, carrot elixir and chocolate cookies with nuts. Be sure to try them the next time you decide to indulge in culinary delights.

Salt and Pepper is not just a restaurant for those who visit it regularly, but a club where the customer knows they will always find the food they love, cooked with quality and unique taste.

Photo credit: Desislava Tsvyatkova