With the title of European Capital of Culture 2019 bringing hundreds of thousands of tourists to Plovdiv, it has made the City under the hills and an attractive place for business and new endeavors. At least, this is the case of Theo from Sofia, who, after many years as a bartender and consultant, decided to make a dream come true and open his own bar. Qbar has not been thought through for years, and even the idea of ​​its location came up by accident, learning that the former Gingertale is looking for new owners. The city of the seven hills turns out to be exactly this oasis of tranquility and aylyak, where Theo thinks he has something to offer the bar culture and to challenge the cocktail fans here.

Qbar can most accurately be described as a modern cafeteria, and during the day you will find a place to have coffee with a friend and a suitable atmosphere for working out of the office. It's light and airy, and the combination of mint and gray in the interior make the place super trendy, but without it being too much. For the bright part of the day, we definitely recommend trying hot drinks. Of course, coffee and coffee specialties are a must. Here they are prepared with the brand of the popular Sofia bar Memento. Their blend combines selected coffees of the best varieties in the world, which guarantee pleasure in every cup.

Qbar's selection of teas is from a German company with more than 90 years of history, Mount Everest, which is known for its highly aromatic and authentic products. We are convinced that among the 25 flavors they offer, you will find your new favorite on cold winter days.

We now get to the most interesting part of the menu, namely the cocktails. As a popular mixologist, Theo has prepared a number of original offers. He likes to work with classic recipes and to experiment with a variety of twists based on them. He intends to bet on more tropical flavors, and we don't mind him taking us to some exotic destination where Kapana may be almost like Havana.

Warm cocktails or the so-called hot toddys are also not to be missed because no one can deny the warming power of a combination of rum and tea, for example. All bartenders are well trained and if you are not sure about your choice, leave it to their improvisation to surprise you with something truly unique. The selection of alcohol is high quality, and wine lovers will not be disappointed. They will be able to choose from Balkan offerings, French and Italian varieties.

And since one cannot go without selfies in the evening, they’ve thought of the attractive shots with a unique wall of live moss. This is a special feathery pine moss, which ensures that colored drinks stand out perfectly.

Friday and Saturday nights will be reserved for DJ sets and more special events, and the venue is scheduled to be a stage for young talent and leisure acoustic sessions throughout the week. Four of the best cocktail bars in the city under the hills are set to dedicate Monday to those for whom the party is not just on weekends. The Staff Party will be open to anyone and the location will alternate weekly.

Qbar is still to make a name for itself among people of Plovdiv and tourists but it is already attracting us with the bright lights and the promise for amazing cocktails and entertainment that make you come back all the time.

The official opening will be on 29.11 and 30.11, and trying the original drinks and having fun is a must!