What is an interesting story? Do you remember the exiting fairytales and the adventures of its heroes? What was it that caught your attention right from the beginning? We all enjoyed the tales about princes and princesses, pirates and villains. It’s different for everyone, never the less, we have something alike – we all love an interesting story.

Have you ever imagine that you can be part of one? You may be 35 years old, not 5, but so what? Does it matter? A new place in Plovdiv challenges to do exactly that. Instead of spending your day or evening in boredom, grab a friend or two and go to adventure. You will have to cross several seas and find yourself in an abandoned captain’s cabin, yet it is located in the center of Plovdiv. Yes, it is quite possible!

A new riddle room opened doors on “August 11”st. It’s called Mental Gap and it will daze you with the secrets that are hidden inside. Let’s start from the beginning – it’s the captain’s who’s missing. You have 60 minutes to unravel several mysteries of a different nature. For some you will need logical thoughts, for others – skillful hands, for third – good observation. The teams that can participate in each adventure should be formed from two to five members, and the task remains the same - to escape the room and figure out what happened to the captain.

But that’s not all! Besides the pirate adventures that await you, there is also a version for children. This doesn’t mean that the game is elementary, it’s just different and it is quite possible if you lost the child in you, to get lost in the room.

Basically, gather the company and go to Mental Gap instead of being bored in a weekday evening or complain how dull Sunday is. See more for the room, contacts and reservations in the site: http://mentalgap.bg/