If you love authentic Italian cuisine, the Italian state dolce far niente during lunch or dinner or just love Italy with its unpretentious hospitality, hot blood and passion, tangible even in culinary delights, you must visit at least once the new restaurant in Plovdiv, Pasta E Vino Petraglia (because one time is enough to make you return to this pleasant and inspiring atmosphere). You don’t even need to know a word in Italian to feel that here you can eat traditional Italian pasta with a cup of tart or strong wine or however you like it. You don’t have to speak Italian so that your culinary preferences and wishes be guessed by the chef who is a true Italian and knows how to feed you well.

Let us tell you why Pasta E Vino Petraglia is different from the many Italian restaurants in Plovdiv and why it is worth it here to find a place in your heart for the delicious Italian cuisine.

You will find Pasta E Vino Petraglia cozily nestled in the small streets next to Bunardzik Park. The place is exactly what any real Italian chef will choose to welcome their visitors without imposing unnecessary luxury but only their fresh ideas for a pleasant lunch or a rich dinner. The restaurant is owned by a young family, who exactly in Italian tradition also works in it - Chef Salvatore Petraglia from the region of Cilento National Park (southern Italy) and his wife Iliana Petraglia. She’s a local and knows people of Plovdiv’s taste very well, and he has just been here recently and dreams of winning them both with the traditional Italian recipes and with his own specialties and culinary challenges. These recipes form a delicious menu of original salads, variations of classic homemade pasta and tempting desserts. And here is the place to note that the menu is changing every week. But this is not the most attractive thing in Pasta E Vino Petraglia. Every guest at the restaurant can ask (Iliana is always smiling and ready to tell you) about a particular dish and will understand that it is mostly made of high-quality products delivered from Salvatore's homeland.

So for example, if you are lucky, you may happen to go to the restaurant on the day that Pasta Carbonara with pork cheeks delivered from Italy is served! Because only a real Italian will prepare it according to the original recipe. Or, in the weekly menu, there is a salad with classical Italian Burrata - one of the most beloved soft cheeses in Bohemia. In any case, you can always order Lemoncello, prepared according to a home-made recipe by a cheerful Italian grandmother!

Salads are rarely just fresh and original. They can’t leave you hungry, but they also can’t suppress the desire to try something else. For example, pasta with seafood or vegetarian mix of seasonal vegetables - from well-seasoned artichokes to standard variations with asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms and the beloved capers. But there is never anything unnecessary or too pretentious. The pasta here is a simple, juicy and with a captivating effect on your taste buds. An action that will take you to Italy in seconds. Even a classic pasta Bolognese will delight you in the classic taste of the combination of veal and lamb mince with His Majesty Don Tomato and a few secret ingredients and techniques that Salvatore wouldn’t reveal in order not to spoil the surprise.

And don’t be fooled by the rich content of delicious ingredients in any of the main dishes and the salads, there will always be a place for dessert. In Pasta E Vino Petraglia the motto "Appetite comes with eating" triumphs.And it would be a real culinary sin to give up Salvatore's desserts. With them he literally surpasses himself and we wonder if it is wrong to think that a great master chef can’t be equally good both in the main dishes and in the desserts ...

And one more thing about desserts. You are lying yourself if you think you have tried a real Tiramisu. That Italian one. (Well, we don’t count those of you who like to go around Italy). Pasta E Vino Petraglia's Tiramisu reminds you of the moment when it is just delicious and pleasant. There is nothing unusual in the recipe, it simply follows the original Italian one. That's why the result is a delicious delight that you won’t forget. Things are far from ending with Tiramisu. Pasta E Vino Petraglia's master chef loves to serve tempting mousses and garnish his desserts on fruits.

The menu is not exhausted by these offers. This is just a small sample of what your palate can expect with satisfaction.

Pasta E Vino Petraglia is not just an intimate place to eat delicious food and rediscover Italy. This is also a place where you can feel both tourist excitement and try something different while you are surrounded by coziness close to that of your own home. Pasta E Vino Petraglia is a fairytale that proves that in our country young people can do something of their own with love, and foreigners can find their new home!