Opening a restaurant in the last two years is a real challenge, but neither the economic conditions nor the corona crisis have managed to stop Marco and Metodi from wanting to work in their own restaurant. In fact, it all started with a much more modest idea - a sandwich place. But after exploring the possibilities, they decided to "dive even deeper" and prepared a concept that doesn’t offer a single sandwich!

The whole team is made up of young people, some of whom have been friends since school. They are determined to prepare everything themselves and have spent a long time training to improve their culinary skills so that they’re sure they’ll offer something tasty and high quality to their customers. Work doesn’t scare them, but rather motivates them to learn new skills and look for opportunities for development.

After choosing the recipes for the menu, they came up with the name - Festival. Because festivals around the world combine a variety of cultures, and their list with dishes is influenced by a variety of cuisines. Together with an experienced chef, they perfected every recipe and added something new to the well-known tastes as an accent and in line with the latest culinary trends. Well, they haven't missed their favorite food from childhood - the homemade fried meatballs from grandma's notebook, which immediately carry you back at least a decade in the memories of that carefreeness when you ate them quickly on foot with a slice of bread in one hand so you don't lose even a second of time for friends and the game.

For all connoisseurs, we advise you not to miss the pork ears, which are incredibly crunchy and a perfect addition to a glass of red wine in winter. The selection of wines here is entirely Bulgarian, and don’t forget to order bread baked on the spot following a recipe of the restaurant. For desserts, we recommend the hot cookie with apple and white chocolate.

Festival promises to place a lot of emphasis on the lunch menu, which will be different from the main one and will offer the working and eating in the area of Kapana satisfying and appetizing dishes.

The opening of the new place for appetizing temptations will be on February 11, and the address is 2 Pavel Kurtevich Street. Don't miss it!