Mykonos is in Plovdiv sounds misleading, but it is absolutely true because in the immediate vicinity of the Rowing channel is the most modern town tavern in the city of the seven hills.

The restaurant serves only authentic Greek cuisine. It combines western and eastern traditions, and the culmination is fish and seafood. The quality is uncompromising, and the menu is as simple as possible. Most of the raw materials are directly imported from our southern neighbor and the rest from local producers. The selection of fish includes both Mediterranean from the waters of the Greek sea, and from the Black Sea, as certain species aren’t worse in terms of flavor characteristics than the ones from our southern neighbor.

As soon as you enter, you’ll find yourself in the fresh fish showcase, where most fish are wild, and for the fans of the more exotic tastes, there is an aquarium with live lobster. They combine superbly with macaronada with white (lemon creamy) or tomato sauce. The macaronada (dried pasta) with which they work in Mykonos has a quality guaranteed by the origin of the wheat grains to the eggs of the free-range hens and quail.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of the local Greek psarotavernas where fish delicacies are prepared with a bang, while octopuses, squid, shrimps, crabs are served in a variety of ways. Warm, cold, roasted, fried, cooked, grilled, salted or marinated, as an entree or a main dish. The pleasure to choose remains for you.

The dessert sheet is a mix of home-made Greek recipes and original suggestions. We recommend a warm semolina halva served with homemade orange ice cream that literally melts in the mouth and the combination of cold and warm leaves an incredible aftertaste.

In order to ensure the pleasant continuation of your evening, in Mykonos, the bar is always loaded and the staff is available with recommendations for classic and original cocktails. There is also a lounge arena with various aromas and flavors of original hookah tobacco.

In Mykonos Plovdiv, they’ve thought of everything and the restaurant has two halls, one of which is suitable for smokers. During the warm months at the disposal of the guests of the restaurant, there is a superb summer garden, surrounded by natural vegetation, smelling of sea and citrus and olive trees. You can’t help but want to sink into this city oasis and escape for a moment from the city's hectic pace.

For special events and personal celebrations, an excellent choice is the separate hall, completely separated from the rest of the floor, where besides the dining area there is a relaxing area and wide screen suitable for presentations or sporting events. 

Greek street food lovers who don’t have time for a peaceful and long meal or all those who are not on a diet can go to the gyros pavilion at the back of the restaurant. There they offer their classic Greek pies with pork gyros, chicken or pork souvlaki or the famous Greek sausage loukaniko. A perfect place for your cheat day.

Whether you are in the mood for a long dinner in a nice company or want something delicious but prepared at the moment, Mykonos is where you’ll find a small piece of Greece in Plovdiv.