There are many restaurants in the city under the hills but just a few distinguish themselves among the others. No doubt one of the best examples here is the paradise located in the Kucuk Paris district, Note di Vino. Because of this the best guide of Plovdiv will present to you precisely this restaurant.

Note di Vino stands out among the others because of many reasons and the high quality which it provides in every single aspect was proven at the Best restaurant in Bulgaria prizes. The establishment grabbed the gold in the Classical restaurant category for 2016 and it was more than justified.

Delicious and appetizing food is itself a real experience for everyone’s senses. Combined however with good interior design and nice musical background, it becomes a temptation for the eye, the ear and the tongue. This is precisely what you can find in Note di Vino.

The menu puts emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine and undoubtedly every seafood lover has to try the octopus cooked on embers which the restaurant serves. The shellfish and the salmon are a true celebration for your tongue but if you don’t like that kind of food the establishment will surprise you with its wide variety of fresh offers. The fresh pasta you’ll find in the menu is divine and the beef cooked in every possible way is simply perfection in a plate.

In order make your visit in Note di Vino not just a usual dinner but an experience for the spirit, the restaurant has a special program for its guests. The romantic, gentle sound of the piano will please your ear while you enjoy every bite and the company of your friends and family. In addition to the classical piano nights there are live concerts with some of the best musicians in the country and performers who have proved themselves in time. Romantic jazz for you and your loved ones or light rock – it’s your choice.

Note di Vino will take care of you. Having this in mind they’ve build playgrounds with animator so that you can have a good time even if you are with your children. The kids will have fun and play while you relax in the tastefully created stylish setting. The only baby zone in Plovdiv is located in the restaurant, too.

You can choose the setting according to your personal preferences. The spacious fresh garden divided into two thematic zones or the comfort under the roof of the building itself with its modern, unobtrusive and stylish design.

The guide of Plovdiv definitely recommends you visit  Note di Vino. If you want to transform a usual dinner into a true experience for all your senses, this is the place for you.