The city under the hills is the place that in 2010 the founders of Mercari chose to open their first store. In it, customers could find items for the home, everyday life, clothing, camping equipment, toys, cosmetics... even car racks - practical things of high quality at affordable prices. Eight years later, the store, whose name comes from the Spanish word for "market" celebrates 33: such is the number of the Mercari stores in Bulgaria and Romania to date. The focus is on the assortment and fashion dominates. Over the course of time, the company opened two more stores in Plovdiv, expanding its network in Sofia, Burgas, and Bucharest, and on December 6, store number 33 will be opened for the first time in a mall. The company follows the wishes of its customers and strives to satisfy them: Mercari will continue to open its stores in major shopping centers.

Mercari follows a recipe for discipline and organization in the selection and sale of original brands of women's, men's and children's clothing, footwear and accessories. To them, the team of the company adds creativity and diligence. The company's goal is to offer high-quality fashion items from the latest collections of the world's best original brands at the lowest possible price in a way that meets customer expectations.

The 33 stores of the company offer more than 2,500 brands of world fashion manufacturers. Mercari’s customers can choose from over 40 000 new ladies’, men's and children's clothing and shoes. The assortment is updated every day, and prices are always up to 60% lower than the recommended retail price of the brand.

The owners of Mercari are committed to hiring employees from countries where they are doing business: more than 140 people are currently working in Bulgaria and Romania.

"For me, Mercari is a personal story, part of my life, my relationship with Plovdiv," says Kevin Schneider, part of the Mercari’s team: a company whose mission is to make people's lives better.