We travel for a variety of reasons: work, tourism, pleasure, vacation, but we always look for the place where we stay, to get as close as possible to our sense of home. Whether we are at a business conference or on a family holiday - peace and comfort can make our experience and stay even more memorable. Therefore, we are not surprised that Landmark Hotel in the city under the hills is highly rated and recommended in all possible tourist platforms. Its perfect location among the greenery of the Rowing Channel in Plovdiv and the balanced combination of the dynamic urban environment and the tranquility of nature is one of the most important factors for its high rating for the fourth consecutive year.

The boutique four-star complex offers its guests different rooms and luxury apartments, a garden restaurant, a lobby bar, a spa and fitness center, an outdoor pool, a conference room, an executive lounge bar. The discreet luxury, the high level of service and hospitality satisfy even the most demanding visitors, and the breathtaking view literally stops their breath. The rooms overlooking the water expanse of the Channel are the most preferable, because coming out on the terrace with the breathtaking panorama you literally feel like you are on vacation, not the second largest city in Bulgaria. Many families with young children recommend the hotel because of the opportunity to escape for a moment from the typical city tourism and if you wish to simply immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the variety of services that Landmark Hotel offers.

Guests who have the time to indulge in complete rest can take advantage of the outdoor pool with a special children's section during the summer season. And to make the relaxation even more complete, we recommend combining sunbathing with irresistible cocktails and tempting specialties from the hotel bar and restaurant. The wellness center is also a very convenient place where you can achieve complete harmony and feel refreshed, satisfied and charged with energy. You must "steal" a few hours of your stay to relax and let the therapists take care of you.

The restaurant offers a wide choice of specially prepared dishes from the a la carte menu made up by Chef StoyanKarpov. Every year it is updated to offer a variety of tastes and high quality of the products used for hotel guests. The gastronomic masterpieces and gourmet specialties combined with selected beverages and impressive wine list are a delight for every palate, and the opportunity to combine dinner with the harmony of the surrounding nature will satisfy even the most discerning guests.

The overall concept of the hotel is to offer conditions that make you feel as if you are in your own home. They treat any of the requirements and specific conditions that arise during a stay or when booking with attention and understanding. The well-cohesive team of professionals is extremely flexible in organizing and conducting events of all kinds. For conferences, you can take advantage of both the base and many additional events, and for individual holidays, an individual plan is prepared depending on the personal preferences and peculiarities of the event.

On the renewed Landmark Creek Hotel website, you can directly book a room with an attractive 15% discount on the reception and organize a short getaway in the city but with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the green oasis in the City under the hills.