Caring for the beauty of the body and face is a continuous process that is not only a pleasure, but also a responsibility. In recent years, we have adopted all these rituals not only as a method to keep our freshness and youth, but also as a way to relax and escape for a moment from our busy daily life and stress at work and at home. Each of us deserves this time for ourselves, but we often neglect it in our desire not to deprive our loved ones of attention. This feeling is particularly strong among mothers with younger children, who find it difficult to find balance and the opportunity to steal an hour or two of peace.

Fortunately, in Plovdiv there is already a true oasis of beauty, where they have made sure that not only the parents, but also the little ones have their own corner for fun. Kodi Beauty Studio is the first and so far the only salon in the city under the hills, where there is a special corner for children. The room is equipped with fun and attractive toys, drawing aids, books and puzzles, and we are confident that everyone over the age of 3 will enjoy spending time having fun absolutely free of charge, while mom relaxes in the hands of experienced beauty professionals.

Every Tuesday and Thursday is a specially designated Mother's Day, in which the care is also dedicated to kids under the age of 3. A babysitter is then available for an additional fee, and the room is equipped with a changing table, a separate, enclosed play area and soft seating cushions, as well as toys designed for this age group. Each mother receives a tablet on which she can monitor her child, so that she can rest assured that she or he is in good and experienced hands. Such a service can be provided on any other day of the week upon prior request.

The beauty salon officially opened its doors on March 18th this year with a full team of manicurists, hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists and eyelash care specialists. The idea for it, however wasn’t spontaneous.

The driving force behind the venture - Victoria, and her husband settled in Bulgaria7 years ago and took over the representation of the world-famous Kodi Professional brand for beauty products. They cooperated directly with the Ukrainian office of the brand, and when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, they helped many employees from the attacked country escape from the "hot" zones of invasion and find safety on Bulgarian soil. This is how many specialists in make-up, hairdressing, eyelash extensions, manicure ended up with them, and together with Vicky laid the foundation of a place where care and tranquility are always respected.

At Kodi Beauty Studio, you can literally get a complete makeover and put yourself in the experienced hands of true professionals. Along with services such as hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, cosmetic procedures, here they have the latest generation Elysion Pro laser hair removal device and a medical specialist who performs not only anti-stress and relaxation massages, but also treatment courses to treat problems such as exostosis, chronic back pain, scoliosis in adolescents, etc.

They use only specialized products for face, body and make-up, which can also be purchased on site for subsequent use at home after consultation and tailored to the client's individual preferences and needs.

The entire team regularly attends qualification courses and seminars in Bulgaria and abroad for professional upgrading and acquiring of new skills and learning about the most current trends in the industry. One of the latest services in hair maintenance is the thickening of hair with nano-caps, which are almost invisible. They can be placed both all over the hair and only in certain places and give completely natural volume and density, with very easy maintenance after the procedure.

The location of the salon is extremely communicative, with the possibility of parking in front, and the space is wide and decided in soft tones, which further contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.

Every customer feels like the most precious guest and can benefit from dozens of small gestures of attention, such as serving a cup of warm coffee, latte, cappuccino, water or wine and a delicious dessert, as well as small compliments from the beauty masters. The feeling is of calmness and refuge from the hectic rhythm outside and immersion in a world of magic and positive emotions.

Their gift vouchers are a great idea for any holiday, and the ability to book online through the Kodi Beauty Studio website makes it easy to book an appointment and choose a procedure. For additional consultation, there is always a reception staff to help you on the spot or by phone +359 883 447 500

Almost half of the visitors are men, and the feeling of a relaxing spa experience, complete relaxation and escape from stress is what keeps us coming back for all the novelties that the beauty salon has in store for us!

The address is Plovdiv, 69 Svoboda Blvd

Business hours

Monday - Sunday

09:00 am - 08:00 pm