A new adorable place opened doors in Plovdiv. It’s called Best Rest Guest House and it’s located in the heart of the ancient city. It’s something like a hostel but it carries the spirit of a family guest house. It’s unimportant how we’ll describe it. The important thing is the comfort and we can feel it strong from the first time we set our foot inside.

Best Rest Guest House is located next to the bus stop against hotel Trimontsium. At first look you’ll going to see one-floor house with a wonderful yard, nothing more. The charm in most of the buildings in Plovdiv is similar – you don’t know what you can find inside. In reality the building has three floors, each with different charm and feeling. The furniture is custom made so it can be comfortable for visitors. The walls are bright and colorful, creating feeling of summer even during the coldest winter months. And of course, no house is a home if the windows don’t have curtains that perfectly correspond with the whole scene.

Before we reveal the distribution of the building itself we’ll tell you a brief background of the beautiful paradise. The idea was born accidentally, in informal conversation between two friends, who haven’t seen each other for a long time. The one wanted to create place like this, giving up his medical practice. The other wanted to invest in something that will bring him not only profit but pleasure as well. Et voila! They hired a whole brigade of masters and together they made a major renovation of the building. How long do you think it took them to do this? 8 or 10 months? A year? It is an entire house after all. No! For three months all rooms were repaired, painted, decorated and ready for its first visitors.

Now for the house itself. The first floor is low-pitched so as a joke, one of the owners determined it like the floor with the “living rooms”. The ceiling is intact and repaired wooden beams reminiscent the charm of the houses of our grandparents, but with new furnishing. There are two rooms. One houses three people, the other four, which is perfect for families came to witness the beauty of Plovdiv. During the summer they are fresh, and during the winter – warm. There is an entirely equipped kitchen, which is fully available for each visitor. There is everything you need – from a new stove and coffee machine to dishes that can be used from the guests.

On the next floor there are two bedrooms and two common areas. The bedrooms have a capacity for 4 people. The beds are custom designed. At first you may think they are stored, but that’s not true. It’s just that the cabinets for personal belongings are exactly under the beds. There’s another thing which might seem insignificant, but we’ve faced similar problems – there are night lamps and sockets for charging mobile phones, tablets and laptops next to each and every bed.

Like we said, there are two more premises on this floor. One of them is very cozy and fresh living room, where you can drink your morning coffee in peace, and the second is like an office, which is equipped with computers, printer, scanner and copy machine, so you don’t have to go around photocopying centers, if needed.

It’s time for the last floor to which we are biased. It is a spacious and very cozy loft with 8 beds, which has preserved the wooden beams of the building. The room is suitable for big companies and organized groups. There are locking cabinets which secures your personal belongings.

The last point we’ll discuss are the so called “wet premises”, which are troublesome for a lot of people. The bathrooms and toilets are flawless. They smell at freshness and cleanness. That is very important for your vacation no matter if you’re staying in a hotel, hostel or a guest house. In other words, this is a place that has no weaknesses, even if you search for them.

The next step for Best Rest Guest House is to renovate and landscape the garden, which will turn it into a real colorful paradise in the heart of the city. If you plan to visit the ancient town or you’re expecting guests from аfar, don’t hesitate to recommend it. There is a big possibility to feel at home more than you think.