It all started with their desire to do something of their own in the years when Bulgaria was undergoing a number of political and economic transformations. The enthusiasm of the opportunity for personal success and expression was the engine, and the principles of the venture were a lot of work, a great deal of excitement and emotion in the creation of the beloved ice cream house.

At first, they only offered coffee and juices, and Coca-Cola products were a scarce commodity. However, nice coffee, polite attitude, and positive reception are always a guarantee for success among customers. Gradually they brought ice cream, and then decorated it skillfully with fruit, making their sundaes a total hit.

Excited by this fact, they started to offer an assortment of ice drinks as well as to introduce any kind of new products that entered the Bulgarian market. The different and attractive look of the ice cream is also owed to the toys, which are a trademark of the establishment even today.

Typical of them is to have different products in a bulk - much ice cream, lots of chocolate, lots of fruit, lots of cream. The unique flavors and visual combinations of the products in the sundaes offer their unusual and memorable names - Salvador Dali, Baudelaire's Smile, Night Peacock Eye, and Stenata is received with astonishment and delight to this day.

The taste has remained unchanged in the last 27 years, and it is not uncommon for you to see three generations at a single table, who enjoy eating ice cream, and some even have cream and chocolate smeared from ear to ear.

Twenty years after the ice cream house, right next to it opened the workshop for cakes and sweets made following old family recipes.

The cakes are a delicious mix of layers, creams and icings prepared on-site of high-quality natural products and even decorated simply they turn us back to that taste of childhood when you closed your eyes and felt a pleasant unobtrusive sweetness on the tip of your tongue, the light fluffiness of the cream and the softness of the homemade layers.

The sweets are a perfect match for coffee or to enjoy at home or in the office. The hrohlichki, the White Rose, and the Ballerina cookies are that sweet temptation, which makes us throw away all sorts of thoughts about diet and eat half the box in a few minutes.

They can be specially decorated for each holiday and whether they are made with a sense of humor for a bachelorette party, or recreate the favorite children's cartoon characters, they are still fresh and crunchy.

Crackers are also not to be missed and if you need something to give to your guests or for catering at an event, they are the best choice.

The owners - Victoria and Vasil Kirechevi - still work diligently and with much desire in the family business build with so many dreams and positive emotions. Vicky can often be seen at the cake workshop as she is the pastry chef who revives grandma’s family recipes from the old cookbook.

A door on the left, Vasil stands behind every idea of the sundaes, as he gives the names of all the ice temptations. They are always in place, because it is important for them not to break away from the work process and to be close to their clients who are the most rigorous judge, and their positive feedback and return for more are the biggest prize.

The interior design of the establishment is modest and unpretentious, but its accents are the walls that are designed so that the bricks stand out being another reference to the name with their authenticity. The yard is cozy and has a wonderful view of the Bunardzhika Park, especially when the blooming greenery fills the eyes with the colors of the living nature and makes you forget for a moment that you are in the city's madness.

It's hard to describe something you have to try because the works of confectionery here fill not only the eyes but all our senses with tempting flavor and aromа.