The Three Hills is an exceptional architectural reserve - the restored and revived Revival houses today house numerous museums, galleries and art centers. The charm of the Old Town captivates the guests of Plovdiv for a lifetime and undoubtedly it is the place that, unyielding to the modern, will attract tourists from all over the world to marvel at its authentic atmosphere and the tranquility among the cobbled streets. Here there is no noise, no crowds and a hectic pace, the only thing you need to consider is your own pace and understanding of relaxation and sightseeing. We locals often take it for granted and forget that it is even a must to get lost in it and enjoy Plovdiv without rushing - as it was hundreds of years ago.

In the last two years, along with the pandemic, the places outside the museums and ancient architecture that attract people there have sharply decreased, but for several months one of the emblematic sites has been reborn like a phoenix to bring back the spirit of Old Plovdiv.

Hebros Hotel-Restaurant is housed in a Revival house built about 200 years ago by a rich Plovdiv cloth and leather merchant. Later it became the property of Neshevi - the family of one of the surviving militiamen of Shipka (1878), and in the 70s of the 20th century, the heirs sold it to the Plovdiv municipality. Until the end of the 1980s, it served as the reception desk of the BCP District Council. During this period, the house was reconstructed, preserving its original appearance.

The idea for a small hotel and restaurant in Old Plovdiv was born in 1999. At that time its creator, Georgi Tashev, joined the competition for the privatization of the beautiful house on Konstantin Stoilov Street and managed to turn it into a recognizable part of the overall ensemble.

Restored and renewed, the rooms combine the spirit and romance of a bygone era with all the comforts of our time - satellite TV, minibar, air conditioning. The ten rooms are furnished with authentic furniture, each in a different style.

In the guest lounge on the second floor, you can welcome your friends or listen to music on the vintage Berger grand piano, and even upon entering reception you will feel not like a customer, but rather like a guest of a bygone era characterized by its opulence and grace.

Hebros Hotel, apart from being an emblem of Plovdiv, is also symbolic of Bulgarian historical tourism, as it is the first to be approved and accepted into the prestigious selection of Heritage Hotels of Europe and Historic Hotels of Europe. Very soon, it is expected to enter the global selection of hotels that offer not only an option for accommodation and food, but also a different experience and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the past of the place. In this way, the city under the hills will become recognizable on the European and world map of a more targeted tourism related to history and the desire of a certain group to immerse themselves in the spirit and culture.

The popular restaurant with a selected menu and an interesting concept is attached to the hotel, where in November 2004 the first slow food club Old Town Plovdiv was established in our country, a branch of the international Slow Food movement, founded in 1986 in a small restaurant in the Italian town of Bra. Hebros Restaurant is the winner of the Restaurant of the Year award for 2016 and 2003 of Bacchus magazine and continues to be among the best in the country.

The new team, led by chef Dobromir Todorov, creates real culinary masterpieces, prepared in a modern way, but imbued with the philosophy of traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Its purpose is to make you lose yourself in the feeling of time in the greenery and tranquility of the unique inner garden, so it no longer matters. Because in this fast daily life, the truly valuable and beautiful things must develop and not become meaningless.

The wine selection is impressive as the most loved wines from around the world have been selected to complement the chef's culinary delights. There is no more unique feeling than spending two hours on a weekend for lunch and wine and enjoying the harmony between the busy city and the legacy of the majestic past.

The place is extremely suitable for organizing family celebrations and events due to its unique location and the presence of a spacious hall and garden on two levels, which you can customize and decorate according to your wishes and the theme of the celebration.

Hebros Hotel and the idea of ​​a place to stay and a restaurant in the middle of the Old Plovdiv reserve may not be for everyone, because after only a few visits there, we found that you need a more special state of mind to appreciate the tranquility, the intimacy and comfort that the concept delivers to its visitors and guests. It is worth taking your time, even if only to enjoy the excellently prepared food and to be able to discover for yourself a little forgotten face of Plovdiv, which will, however, always remain part of its charm!