Nearly two centuries ago, one of the greatest novelists, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, said that "Beauty will save the world." And if we take this phrase literally and pay due attention to its physical dimension, then this means that we should try to preserve it in and around us for as long as possible.

In fact, the cult of beauty began in ancient times, when ladies used a number of natural remedies to keep their face fresh and young, and the skin of their body soft and firm. Today, with the advancement of science and technology, there is no need to gather herbs in the forest and use dubious means to slow down aging, but we can successfully benefit from the innovations and knowledge of specialists in the field.

Thus, we discovered a relatively new place near the city under the hills, where every lady or gentleman can receive the necessary care and attention and maintain themselves aesthetically in an excellent appearance.

Grazia Aesthetic Center is located at the very beginning of Asenovgrad on the Plovdiv side, on the second floor of the Sani Hotel. The place is convenient to visit and has a private parking. Its location is perfect for all residents of the city and guests of the country who often combine their choice of outfit for a special occasion with one of the salon's most innovative services. At Grazia you have the opportunity to combine the rich range of beautification and relaxation procedures with hair and make-up on site and thus give yourself and a loved one an unforgettable day.

At the end of the preparations, it is always good to take time for rest and relaxation, in which you can let yourself be pampered with a complete package specially designed for brides or any other formal occasion. In this way, you will be fresh and rested for the big day, you will feel beautiful and desired, and you can combine the experience with friends and do everything in one place - right down to the selected makeup and hairstyle.

They work with the highest class of professional salon cosmetics, and to the beautiful appearance of the face - you can always add an excellently shaped manicure and pedicure in a preferred shade for everyday life or for the event.

One of the most desired procedures among ladies and gentlemen in the aesthetic center uses the power of HI-FU technology for all who like the stimulation of natural processes. Applying it to the face acts as a non-surgical lifting and makes us look younger, with tight and radiant skin. In the world of aesthetics, this visual lift, which cannot be achieved with any other procedure, is suitable for both women and men.

The device is of the latest generation, with a cooling head, thanks to which absolutely no pain is felt during the procedure and no local anesthesia is used. Areas on the body can also be treated with it, as it acts towards destroying fat cells, reducing measures and cellulite, tightening the skin, increasing its elasticity and smoothing its texture.

For all those who still refrain from more active care, massages and peelings are very suitable. Japanese face, neck, décolleté and scalp massage uses special techniques that not only improve the overall appearance of the skin and its regenerative processes, but are also an excellent way to enjoy yourself and relax.

The highest-class medical cosmetics of the French brand Filorga are used for peelings. They are true experts in anti-aging care and have patented NCEF® technology – a unique solution that slows down this process and corrects imperfections that have already appeared.

Even in the summer months, their universal all-year-round peeling LIGHT PEEL is a great solution for treating and preventing the formation of pigment spots and maintaining an even and radiant complexion.

In addition to the healthy appearance, they can take care of overall support of the body and return our body to a state of equilibrium. With the help of bioresonance technology, imbalances, deficiencies, intolerances, things that hinder us or have come to an excess are revealed. It combines the wisdom of Eastern medicine and the modern holistic approach to the body as a whole and activates our own healing powers to achieve healthy and emotional balance. The practice is the result of the latest advances in computer and medical technology and is key to identifying active allergic, inflammatory or degenerative processes and blockages in energy flow.

Grazia Aesthetic Center is our first choice whenever we want to take time for ourselves or please a loved one. Whether you want to tone your body for the beach or refresh your skin after prolonged exposure to the sun and stressors, the specialists will advise you on appropriate therapies and together you can create a plan to naturally slow down aging and help your body in the process of natural regeneration.