If you haven't read our article about the hidden restaurants at the foot of Sahat Tepe, you may not have heard of Golden Garden, but today you’ll find out more and we’ll convince you that visiting and trying their menu is worth it!

The restaurant is a dream come true for Zhivko and Nadya Malchevi, behind which are hard work and consistent growth. It all started when 17-year-old Zhivko was a waiter at the seaside. Then the family business was only in his plans, and Nadezhda was an invariable part of their joint upward journey. Years of upgrading in the menus of established restaurants in our country and in Europe followed, but even his position as head chef in the 5-star restaurant of the Best Western Hotel in Scotland did not achieve the thirst for perfection.

The pandemic and the desire to work in their hometown of Plovdiv was the reason that pushed them to return and to build the Golden Garden together. For a long time, Zivko kept an eye on what was on the market as properties suitable for a restaurant, and when he saw the stately house of Antim I, he leased it on his own and turned it into a restaurant.

In fact, the place lives up to its name as the interior is quite impressive. Everything is done in gold, and the furniture is in English style and quite authentic. The terraced garden is a real gem during the warm months, and hence the Golden Garden – always bathed in the golden rays of the sun, in which even the smallest details are perfect.

They officially opened their doors in July 2020, did some work and then the next lockdown came and closed them for almost the whole winter. 2021 also turned out to be difficult, when an accident disabled the organization of the establishment for a while. However, it is amazing that no difficulty made them give up, on the contrary – their persistence and the zest with which they create can be felt in every bite.

Defining Golden Garden's cuisine in one word is not at all easy, as the recipes are the most diverse and creative. In most cases, they are based on a certain product, which Zhivko has selected himself, and mixes the additives around it, most skillfully balancing the taste and creating that feeling of complete enjoyment of the food.

In the menu, you will find the perfect combination of typical Bulgarian flavors, prepared in an innovative way - both in the Grandma's Board specialty, and real masterchef performances from the molecular cuisine, which will stun you with smoke and magic.

The offers change seasonally, and everything with the name of the establishment is a specialty and definitely worth trying. This is exactly what happened with the legendary spinach cake, which has become one of the most favorite desserts of the restaurant's guests.

The whole challenge for the two, however, doesn’t end there. They are also hard at work preparing the opening of a second Golden Garden site in Kuchuk Paris in less than a month. The exact date is 18.11.2022 at 19:00, and at the opening the host of the program and performer on the first night will be the well-known Plovdiv singer Edith Undzian. The telephone number on which you can make a reservation at the restaurant is: 0877 55 20 77.

The concept there is even more developed and allows them to combine the offering of quality and excellently prepared food with the creation of memories from the visit itself. They plan to have special dinners with a program at least once a week, a cooking show for the guests, surprises for the little ones and a brunch menu on the weekend.

In Golden Garden, the taste of the food is not only felt on the palate, but also seen on the faces of the guests. They come in as customers but leave as friends and always come back for more!