Just before the pandemic, the place where today's modern restaurant Metamorfosi is, at the very end of Kapitan Raicho Street, was the neighborhood locale, where most of the inhabitants of the area stopped for a portion of chicken livers with French fries and a pint of beer. The atmosphere was quite unpretentious, and the menu - simple...

But this is not the concept of the new owner, whose ambitions are to exceed the conditionally drawn boundaries and create a stylish restaurant in which to present customers delicious and original dishes of European cuisine with excellent quality and perfect service. And so, the idea for Metamorfosi was born, changing slowly and gradually, like a colorful dragonfly, from a neighborhood pub to a restaurant with a penchant for French fusion!

At the moment there is nothing reminiscent of the past of the restaurant and from the moment you enter, you will find yourself in a colorful and cozy atmosphere that predisposes you to immerse yourself in the comfort of upholstered furniture and enjoy the colors not only on the walls but also on the plate.

The taste and aroma of the dishes is taken care of by chef Valentin Dimitrov, who has worked for many years in prestigious restaurants abroad and because of the corona crisis returned to his homeland to create a menu of personal interpretations of recipes from the European and especially the French culinary scene.

The menu is deliberately short, with a choice of several salads, appetizers, main courses and desserts so that everyone can find their favorite specialties and be convinced that they will always have the same taste and  be made with consistently quality products to ensure the pleasure from food. Everything is prepared on site, and we can’t single out just one star from the list of dishes! Whether you choose the French goat cheese Ribler, the tender duck fillet, or the undisputed favorite (especially among the ladies) - chocolate mousse with salted caramel and honey crumble, we guarantee that it will be memorable and you will definitely come back to try more!

In addition to the irresistible recipes, there is an excellent selection of different varieties of wine that complement the aftertaste and contribute to greater enjoyment of food. At Metamorfosi, it is not only a means to satisfy our hunger, but also a rich palette of sensations that transport us to the colorful world of quality cuisine.