If you’re looking for different fast food joint you should hit up Gladstone Str. Don’t expect donners, toasters and pizzas but something far tastier and real – freshly cooked pasta and deserts, which melt in your mouth. You will find them in La Pasta, in the heart of the city.

That’s not just a place, but a small family history. Or to be exact the history of a Frenchman, who cooks Italian cuisine in Bulgaria. Fifteen years ago, in Sofia, he meets his future wife and decides to stay here. Architect by trade, he cooperates with his brother-in-law. This way a team of an architect and economist-insurer is created.

It happened by accident. One night we were preparing dinner – pasta – and we had the idea: Why don’t we try something new. And we began, the chefs tell us the story of the inception of the restaurant.

The best thing that can happen is to see how the food is being prepared in front of you. From the sauce, through the pasta, all the way to the dessert – it’s all made on the spot. In the fresh surroundings a simple menu is offered to the clients – pasta with several different sauces and some desserts. The chefs share with us that they don’t want to expand the menu too much, because they don’t want to risk lowering the quality of the food.  

Beyond having a very good meal, you will do it in a simple and fresh interior. The white walls, decorated with spices and light wood creates the feeling of eternal culinary spring. And to add it all up – you’d be met with a smile and great service. Italian luxury, presented in French way in Plovdiv.