Opening a restaurant in these times is a real challenge, but no obstacle could stop Georgi and Savina when the opportunity to make their dream come true opened up before them. In fact, the idea came to Joro years ago, when he watched for the first time a popular film about a talented chef. Initially, they intended to offer mainly sandwiches, typical of Cuba, but subsequently, they created a small family place with a short, but very interesting menu never seen before in Plovdiv.

The most popular and sought-after sandwich at El Jefe Cuban Food and More – Cubano is an authentic recipe, and the name of the restaurant matches that of the food truck from the movie. The salads have quite unusual combinations for our country and will definitely appeal to all experimenters and lovers of more exotic recipes.

After that, we definitely advise you to continue with the corn with herb butter and honey that melts in your mouth. And for the main course - the choice doesn't get any easier! Tender chicken with pineapple and mustard, spicy shrimp, and crispy tacos, and we suggest finishing it all with a piece of rum cake. You can't help but be impressed!

The special Cuban bread is prepared and baked on-site, and the meat is seasoned for more than a day in a traditional marinade. There really is something for everyone at El Jefe, and at the same time, their offerings are unparalleled and worth a try. They combine perfectly with the cocktails offered in the restaurant, and every Saturday, along with your walk around Bunardzhika, you can nourish yourself with a varied brunch menu. The rhythmic Latin rhythms that play in the background in the garden are the final touch that adds to the wonderful atmosphere and delicious food.

Everything about the establishment was made by the couple and their families – even the interior accessories have sentimental value and carry symbolism and good luck for them. There are also gifts from the neighbors, and they were most pleased when an old lady from the neighborhood welcomed them with a bunch of geraniums and pomegranates. The place is extremely peaceful and surrounded by greenery, so it’s a perfect destination for everyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle downtown and at the same time not compromise on the quality of their food.

An integral part of the establishment's staff, consisting of Joro in the kitchen and Savina among the guests, is also Aira, who quickly became a favorite of visitors and an animator for the children!

Plovdiv now has its place for Cuban cuisine and specialties, and it remains for us to make it a must stop of every culinary itinerary and to reveal the exotic flavors of the offerings at El Jefe Cuban Food and More.

You can also order delivery through one of the large platforms, otherwise, the place to meet the island kitchen is 9 Nikola Petkov Street with working hours on Monday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.