If you smell homemade bread in Kapana, let your nose be your guide. You’ll reach “Manukian” square, better known as “Shirokoto”.  The sense of smell will lead you to one of the corners in the area of artistic district. The aroma comes from the craft bakery called “Kapana”. It smells amazing, dozens of different kinds of homemade bread that catches delicious crust in the oven of the bakery and many other baked goods that masters make on spot. You will find cookies, muffins, cakes, snacks. You can’t resist, we guarantee it! We highly recommend this place. “Kapana” bakery will not surprise you with interior but it will win you over with taste and odor. The service is good and the attitude of the owners more than friendly. The shop is a family business and the owners barely lave the place. It’s important for them to give something real to people. They try and succeed! They don’t want only to feed you, but to make you smile as well. To deliver joy. “Joy” is the key word in the appearance of the craft bakery. 

After 20 years of engaging in commerce the owner realizes that life is too short. That he misses all the important moments, those that enrich the heart, those worth living for. That's why he opens the bakery shop. To separate him from that fast spinning merry go round that devours happiness. He finds that happiness within the first baked bread in “Kapana”. Today he transfers that joy to others. Because people deserve something valuable and meaningful, and what is more precious than bread…

That’s why by visiting the bakery, you do not just shop but spend a few minutes in sweet gossip. You get not only service but also respect.

LOST IN PLOVDIV recommends: Try the croissants with almond cream and buns with sausage. You will either lick your fingers or scrunch them while eating.