After an almost two-month absence, Dani's Bakery is back. The relaunch is on September 6th, and this season's selection of desserts and events promises to be one to remember. In case you haven't visited Dani's yet, today we'll tell you why this place is worth checking out.

It's not new, it opened in November last year, but it took us a while to discover it and see how special it is. It is centrally located, in the immediate vicinity of Tsar Simeon's Garden, but at the same time it’s also pleasantly hidden, next to the Municipal Council building. If you don't know about the magic that Dani creates there, you might be missing out, and that's exactly why we, the team at the only digital guide under the hills, will tell you why you should try the mouth-watering pastries and pair them with a cup of pink latte or aromatic tea after a walk.

Dani's Bakery is a venture many years in the making. The owner and chief master of culinary creations - Daniela Solachka, has worked in the world of large corporations for more than  10 years, while at the same time developing and upgrading her hobby of making homemade cakes, inspired by nature, seasons and people. These cakes have the "imperfect" shape and the perfect taste of the homemade, as if some lady on Pinterest is telling us with a photo material about the delicacies arranged in a Provençal style.

The dream of a space where guests feel happy and at home, where they have the opportunity to enjoy something sweet, beautiful and of really high quality, came true when Dani returned to her hometown of Plovdiv and created her own place.

The concept is an open space where desserts and cakes are prepared and baked literally in front of you. The recipes are original, and the products are of uncompromising quality. The kind Dani uses for her family. She is inspired by the rustic look of sweet creations and loves to experiment with decoration, often using fruits, flowers and herbs. Any free time and seasonal fruits are fully utilized to prepare homemade jams, which are then put into the delicacies.

We can't help but recommend the cheesecakes, the eclairs with homemade cream, the Baileys cake and the cake with peaches and burnt egg whites. And the velvety cream literally melts in your mouth. There is always a choice of several types of small cookies, crackers, freshly baked French croissants. At Danny's you can sometimes try the traditional French and Spanish crispy cupcakes - madeleines. There are also vegan and gluten-free delights. Catering is also prepared for various events upon request.

The bakery space is attractive for small birthdays, baby showers and bachelorette parties with a seating capacity of up to 15.

Dani's idea has always been for her place to be a stage for various social events, and here you can often find a literary reading, a children's workshop or an art studio.

Dani's Bakery's Facebook page publishes the treats that are available for consumption for the day, as well as information about upcoming art events.

The whole feeling is literally that of home comfort, where nothing is by all means, and the emphasis is more on socialization, peace and enjoyment of the little things.

The address is 20 Avksentii Veleshki Street, and the working hours are as follows:

Monday and Tuesday - days off

Wednesday to Friday – 10 am to 6 pm with a break between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm when working on the cakes

Saturday and Sunday - from 10 am to 6 pm without a break