Nowadays, the art is so different, innovative and abstract, that there is nothing strange in drawing a picture to hang on the wall in your home. The concept of an art gallery, where under the professional guidance of an experienced artist to create your masterpiece, is the perfect way to spend your free time in the company of friends and cool people, and the City under the hills already has its creative nook.

And it all started a little over a year ago in Sofia, where Karina, the creator of place in the capital city, decided to turn her passion for painting into a profession. The idea of an art gallery is for each of us to come to the place, try and make sure that even if we don’t suspect it, we have an eye for art and a hidden gift in ourselves. The goal at Dali Vino is not to make a completely identical copy, but to express yourself and make it fun while having a glass of good wine and in the company of friends or cool strangers.

The concept is for organizing all kinds of events in a very convenient format - from corporate events and team building to a cheerful evening with the whole company, after which everyone can bring something to remember at home, or give it to someone. At a time when we are all looking for handmade items, we cannot fail to appreciate what we have done ourselves and have given all our attention and dedication to making it. The nice thing about drawing in such a form is that it is both a social activity, but also an opportunity to be alone, to delve into your work and to be away from everything and everyone for a few hours. Visitors range from 9 to 99 years old and are enrolled both individually and in larger groups. Especially in Plovdiv, they plan to organize a group of even younger children (from 6 to 12 years) since November. This format has already been tried in the capital, and it turns out that children often put even more passion and imagination on the white canvas.

Dali Vino Art Gallery has just opened their new site in the European Capital of Culture 2019 to challenge us to paint the canvas with colors. The city under the hills is known as the home and inspiration of many artists, so Kosara, the lady who brought the idea on local soil, is confident that it will grow and enrich itself here. Everyone is welcome - both advanced and absolute beginners. It should not bother you at all if you have not caught the brush since your school years, because from personal experience we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the end result. Step by step a master artist shows the whole process of converting the canvas to the smallest detail and helps with guidance and personal attention all the time.

The premises on the second floor of Mall Markovo Tepe are quite spacious and suitable for organizing all kinds of parties – bachelorette parties, birthdays, children's entertainment with a brush in hand, and corporate events. Currently, there are 35 seats for drawing, but the capacity allows up to 40 enthusiast artists to get their work corner in which to expose the brush master within. The interior of all the rooms resembles a boutique wine bar, where under the sounds of relaxing music and with all the necessary materials, you can indulge in the art, enjoying specially selected wine.

The whole experience is like real art therapy, especially when in the fast-paced everyday life, we don't even have time to be alone and focus our thoughts on something casual and relaxing. Creativity and the ability to unwind on the white sheet have been proven to boost the good mood and to be relaxing, and a brief escape is like a lifeline amid the weekly chaos.

Dali Vino Art Gallery is open daily from 6.30 pm on weekdays and from 5.00 pm on weekends. On the page and social networks, you can track which canvas will be recreated and make your choice according to your preferred picture. There are suitable works for drawing in pairs and for larger teams it can even be organized to prepare one picture in several different parts in the form of a puzzle. It's a great way to bring the team together and encourage people to work together.

The atmosphere is eminently creative, but in that pleasantly hearty and relaxing way, without competition and stress. Everyone has his or her glass, brush and art materials, with which they are free to create magic of colors on the white canvas and then leave with a smile and positivity.

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