We still remember the autumn of 2019, when passing in the small street past the Central Hali to merge into Kapana, we immediately fell in love with the pretty doll-like pastel colors behind the large windows. Mint green and pink, walls spectacularly painted with treats that seem to smell of sweetness - this could only become one of the most delicious places under the hills. And yes, almost three years later, Complimenti managed to establish itself as a must stop for all fans of appetizing and quality desserts.

The idea for the name came from the husband of the owner Andriana, who admires her finishing touch to every detail and her care for the smallest detail. Every piece of confectionery art here is a compliment to the visitor and that cherry on top that makes you come back for more. Everything is prepared on the spot following original recipes, and there are always salty treats as well. It would not be an exaggeration to admit that we remember exactly the taste of the first bite of tiramisu, which is prepared here with a personal touch and, as per the classic recipe - with marsala wine.

Complimenti doesn’t have a permanent menu of temptations and the goal is to go and choose that sweet or savory piece that first grabs your attention and feeds your eyes, and then will satisfy your desire for something unique. Let yourself be recommended the most tempting desserts so that you can indulge in the final touch of each meal with real pleasure. Andriana herself is almost always there and it is a real pleasure to watch her talk with enthusiasm and spark in her eyes for hours about the rich world of confectionery.

Depending on the season, you will often find completely new flavors, and for the summer we’re already planning to save some space after lunch for white chocolate mousse, cheesecake with peaches and blueberries and the exotic taste of mango and passion fruit. We also love the pop cakes, so suitable for celebrations and decorations, the French country cake (here it is in a variant with figs) and the different variations of desserts with everyone's favorite chocolate.

In the summer, prepared on the spot by the owners themselves - Andriana and Dimitar, the gelato is like a breath of fresh air on a hot Plovdiv day. The two have mastered the recipes of a famous Italian gelatier and are constantly improving its taste. Don't worry about tasting before choosing your favorite type. We left a piece of our heart for the pistachio, which is extremely dense and creamy, but we recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just one scoop. We know that each combination has its loyal fans who come here especially to enjoy their favorite ice cream dessert.

And since each dessert goes well with a cup of aromatic coffee, the coffee specialties offered at Complimenti won’t disappoint you. The place proudly bears the title Artsiti del Gusto of the Italian brand ILLY and with this recognition they guarantee their quality and tireless work in offering drinks for true connoisseurs.

The truth is that no matter how much we write about sweets and delicious temptations, they must be tried on the spot and the words will never be enough. Finishing your meal with finesse in Complimenti is an absolute must when you are in the city under the hills!