The history of the place begins quite surprisingly with an apiary received as a wedding gift by Jen and Mitko Katsev. This surprised the couple as at that time they have promising careers in Silicon Valley, California. However, they decided to follow their hearts and move to Bulgaria to continue the family tradition, passion and legacy of producing the finest honey in the world.

Mitko, who by the way is extremely allergic to bee stings, and his wife Jen, who at that time did not speak any Bulgarian, enthusiastically embarked on the production of the bee product, and thus began the adventure of the fourth generation of beekeepers of the Bulgarian Honey Company! Since its inception, the company produces and selects the best quality Bulgarian honey from ecologically clean areas, while at the same time exerting a positive social and ecological impact in this industry, making beekeeping modern and attractive. The goal of everyone involved in production and distribution is to share their love and gratitude for one of the best natural resources in the world and make Bulgaria internationally known as the best honey producing region in the world!

Along with developing this part of the company, Jen is also working on creating new products, combining honey with other superfoods - chili peppers, ginger, turmeric, freeze-dried blueberries, and more. As an artist, she also designs the labels and packaging, and she is invariably accompanied by more experienced family members who help with experience and advice.

Last year, the couple also opened their cute and extremely innovative corner in the very center of Plovdiv. The store of the Bulgarian Honey Company, which is located a little after Dzhumaya Square - at 3 Otets Paisii Street, is completely self-service and attracts all eyes with its bright pink color and photo-shoot-worthy decor.

In it you can buy a large part of their products with the help of a vending machine, take a photo session next to the pink beehive or the symbol of the company - the bee Ella. And you can test the brand's honey and mead for free 5 days a week. The place is highly interactive and engages its visitors with offers of various activities and games in which they can take part and leave their mark.

Mitko and Jen Katsev keep implementing a variety of ideas together to promote pure Bulgarian products and help restore the bee population, and since the beginning of the year they have also been partners in the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Bulgaria - Taco Reyes Mexican Grill.

Everything they offer can be found online at the Bulgarian Honey Company website, at specialist farmers' markets or at distributors in various localities, which they share in detail on their Facebook page.