Less than two weeks ago, a place opened in Kapana, and we can safely say that it is in full agreement with healthy eating trends. Borovinki is so cute and cozy that you want to experience everything that's appealingly placed on the showcases. Here you can start your day with delicious bio coffee, go for lunch with a fresh salad and sandwich, and have the favorite of all crackers or cookies in the afternoon.

The shop owners are genuinely keen on the idea of a balanced diet and created their own corner with a lot of desire and love where they offer all the products they are convinced to be healthy without losing their taste and freshness. They grow some of the fruits and vegetables typical of our climate in their own garden and all herbs are freshly picked from their backyard in a picturesque village at the foot of Sredna Gora. When they talk of their passion for this way of life, you feel their sincere excitement that they have the opportunity to do something of their own through which to offer healthy foods and drinks and at the same time to put a bit of themselves.

Their items are seasonal and selected, with the aim of making the most of what is typical of the period and being bought or cut off very freshly. They try to use the ingredients in both salads and sandwiches to get a closed cycle and make the most of the products without having to waste anything. Everything is prepared right now and you can choose between different spices and specially prepared dressings of your choice. Desserts again follow the concept of something light, fresh, with a perfect balance of taste and cooked with homemade products that we would find in the garden or in some mountain village with fresh air and spring greenery. Of course, be sure to try the blueberry smoothie, whose dark-purple fruit is an inspiration for the name of this positive and healthy place.

There is a special stones machine, where they can make you einkorn flour, millet flour or whatever you choose for making cookies as well as muesli for an energizing start of the day.

We can’t miss their bio popcorn with coconut oil, which is the healthiest alternative to so much loved by young and old crunchies that we often overdo. They are made with grains of bio corn, coconut oil, and Himalayan salt and are suitable for people who are on a vegan diet and young children.

They also have a great choice of drinks, and in addition to the popular and refreshing citronades, frappe and smoothies, protein shakes with organic coconut milk are preferred not only by fitness maniacs but also by all who need something satiating.

Borovinki is the place where harmony reigns and everything is seasoned with so much love that there is no way you don’t go back and fill yourself with the smiles and positive energy that are everywhere.