When did you last write a letter to a friend or relative? Modern technology increasingly shifts personal communication and as if we forget the beauty of personal communication. That is what they want to remind us in the new bar in the heart of Plovdiv - The Post. The bar was created precisely around this concept, in which we remember with nostalgia the sending of cards and the writing of letters.

Bar The Post is located in the center of the ancient city, at 8 Gladstone Street, just opposite the building of the post office. And if you think that the name of the establishment comes from the place where it is – actually it doesn’t. The boys behind the bar's name said that the idea, and the concept around it, appeared more than a year ago. "When we were just talking that we wanted to open our own bar someday, we mentioned the idea of a bar in which we want to show beautiful collections of postage stamps, old phones, and so on. We decided it would be called The Post. Gradually, our idea became clearer and clearer and it was an extraordinary luck and a happy chance that we found this space."

Until recently, the building in which The Post opened doors housed another emblematic bar for our town - "Apartment 101". The time has come for the so-called apartment to hand over the baton, and some of the city's best cocktails are already in its place. Choosing a selected cocktail menu is also not a coincidence. One of the owners and the main bartender of the restaurant is MihailUzunov - well-known not only in Plovdiv but also in the country, a bartender-mixologist who has not once presented our city to a number of national and international competitions. His idea is to offer less, but excellent quality, classic cocktails, variations and original recipes made by the bartending team. A series of cocktail Wednesday evenings will be launched, in which Uzunov will present entirely original cocktails, which will be available only on the evening in question.

Of course, parties also aren’t missing. If during the day, The Post is a quiet and cozy place that quickly became the second home for many freelancers, on Friday and Saturday evening parties are an integral part of the program. The music is mostly jazz, in which you can often hear groove rhythms. So if you want to enjoy good cocktails and have a good time with friends, this bar is more than an excellent choice.

We can’t help but mention the interior. It's not luscious, but if you look at the details, you'll find out why. The owners of the bar say that for them it is not important to follow the latest fashion trends in the furnishings but to create a cozy place to recreate their idea through separate details. On the walls, you will see a few incredible postage stamp collections (some of them are placed on the tables), envelopes, retro phones and ... Under the bar, you will see about 30 colorful mailboxes that there’s no chance you don’t notice. And yes, you can drop letters. Whether you write a letter to a friend or just send a note to the staff of the establishment, the thing you send will arrive wherever you need it to. Once a week, all mailboxes are unlocked and the letters and notes left in them are collected.

Very soon in The Post, you will also find different pictures of Plovdiv from young photographers turned into beautiful cards that you can send to your friends or relatives from another city or country by simply dropping them in the boxes below the bar.

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Write one to the bartenders in The Post, drop it in one of the colored mailboxes and smile. Cheers!