It is doubtful that spending his childhood summers in Plovdiv, Nikola from Anyway had planned to open a bar under the hills. Still, fate obviously knows its job, because after choosing Hristo Dyukmedzhiev as a location, it turns out that his grandparents are currently living in the house of the former Plovdiv mayor. Well, that's Plovdiv - it catches you in Kapana and then it keeps pulling you there!

And so all year long, Anyway Social Bar is one of the places in the art districts that attracts loyal visitors with an interesting concept, modern cocktails and friendly attitude. When we asked for the name, they said that it best predisposes to the idea of ​​ease and carelessness of the bar, and this is to some extent a joke with the idea of ​​the eternal Plovdiv aylyak. Social, however, is an important clarification, because here you don’t need to "entertain yourself" with your phone, even if you came alone for a drink. At a time when we have lost the habit of communicating face to face and it seems easier to do it hidden behind the display of electronic devices at Anyway they want to challenge you to put your smartphone aside and have a conversation with the people around you - the person you came with, the bartender, or someone you know. They are even considering putting special boxes in which to leave your phone, and anyone who dares do it will receive a compliment from the establishment.

And with the interesting conversations, surely comes the desire for an impressive drink to complement the pleasure of good company. Well, Anyway will definitely surprise you with its menu, in which you can choose from among the acclaimed classics as well as test the mastery of bartenders with their original offers. The recipes for them are inspired by the desire to combine modern flavors with predominantly natural products processed by themselves. Here you won’t meet the already forgotten Sex on the Beach or Cosmopolitan, because the new decade is a time for bolder experiments and more unconventional combinations. The cocktail is no longer just a mix of several artificially colored ingredients and any amount of alcohol, it’s a mastery that turns people behind the bar into true virtuosos.

With the idea of maximum freshness and naturalness of the products, the establishment even equipped a mini kitchen with a sous-videmachine and various appliances to be able to independently infuse alcohol with the preferred additives and create the syrups and ingredients they need for the recipes.

We immediately reveal that one of the most preferred craft cocktails in the winter menu is Gin with me #2. It is the perfect balance of gin, specially prepared syrup of apple, cinnamon and cloves, and for the aromatic finish - foam from pears mixed on the spot. Its ingredients cause a real euphoria of flavors, and the name suggests that it is consumed in a pleasant company.

And to break the myth that cocktails are just a drink for ladies who like sweeter and less alcoholic beverages, Anyway Social Bar will mix you a killer Negroni. Last year, it turned 100 years old, and behind the history of its creation lies the desire of the Italian noble Count Camilo Negroni for a stronger and fuller taste in the Milan-Turin with liqueur, vermouth and soda he previously ordered. For this reason, he asked the bartender to replace the soda with his favorite gin flavor, and so the combination of the three types of alcohol became one of the most sought after drinks in the world to this day. From the bar, we were told that even in the summer menu we can expect a few original offers dedicated to classics.

During the day, don't forget to enjoy your coffee and coffee specialties. They will be made using a Florence La Marzocco handmade machine - ideal for the perfect espresso and true icon in the coffee industry. Specially selected coffee beans from the Italian brand Alberto Poli also contribute to the density of the drinks and the long aftertaste. You can always get fresh baked breakfast in the form of croissants or biscuits.

The interior is most impressive with the mural painted on the style of the famous Hendrick's Gin brand, in which the artist has skillfully interwoven details from Old Plovdiv with two of the most iconic houses in the architectural reserve. It is a pleasure to sink in the softness of the sofas along the panoramic windows during the day, and for the evenings the high table predispose to more social contacts and intriguing meetings.

Friday and Saturday are reserved for various visiting DJs, performers and guests behind the bar to bring variety to the visitors and turn every weekend into an exciting experience.

Anyway Social Bar is not a place to miss, especially when you are in Kapana, and whenever you visit it, trust the recommendation of the bartenders and let them surprise you with a top-class cocktail.