The impressive building is located on the eastern slope of Dzhambaz Tepe and was a real center of cultural life in the last century. It was built in the second half of the 19th century and is a two-story symmetrical building with impressive dimensions. In the past, the facades of the house were richly painted. Its first owner was Georgi Katsigra. The building is believed to have been a temporary consulate of Austria-Hungary.

The house also has a remarkable interior decoration - carved ceilings in the rooms and living room, decorated with geometric shapes and braids. Both inside and out, it was painted in the Edirne style. It is believed that it is quite similar in architecture to the Oslekova house in the town of Koprivshtitsa.

Stambolyan was thoroughly restored in 1962 and then given to the Union of Bulgarian Artists. At that time, they set aside one of the rooms for Dimitar Kirov’s studio, who was then still a beginner in the field of art. Gradually, the building became a real international center of cultural life under the hills, where numerous plein airs and exhibitions were organized.

The permanent exhibition of works by Dimitar Kirov – DiKiro is located in the beautiful Revival house since 2010. His creative achievements are in the field of fine and decorative monumental art. Mosaics on the theme of "favorite cities" are also presented in the yard.