The Tsar Simeon's Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Plovdiv. Established in 1892. by Lucien Shevals , it keeps its lovely figure. Located in the central area, it is one of the emblematic areas for visiting. It has a gazebo and fountains, several iconic monuments and fountains, including the classic fountain of the goddess of fertility Demeter, "fisherboy" and "Bear." The monuments are of Bulgarian spiritual leaders, there are also contemporary sculptural compositions and sculptures: Lucien Shevals. Hristo Botev, Nayden Gerov, Soul Hadjidekov Vasil Petleshkov, Georgi Sava Rakovski. But if there is something that most attracts the eye, than it is the Singing fountain, built in the middle of the lake, turned into a major attraction for both locals and guests of the city.

Surrounded by long-lived trees, fresh air, a playground and immediately arranged restaurants, Tsar Simeon's Garden is a small paradise on the earth. The green nature, the flying like a gust laughter, the festivals and puppetry artists make you feel unearthly. The garden is a place for recreation, walking, inline skating and bicycle. It was declared a monument of park art and it fully deserves it. Its size, which is not so big, makes it accessible, easy to walk around, but perfectly adequate for peace and tranquility. The garden is bursting of colors, music and animals. The visitors can simply relax on a bench, play chess at specially created for this purpose marble tables or sprawl on fresh grass and contemplate the sky or the branches of a tree, wrapped in beautiful green leaves.