Youth Hill or the Hill of the Dryad Nymphs, or ChigdemTepe (the Hill of Crocuses), or DzhinTepe (the Hill of the Spirits), or Bell Hill all the way to its current name DzhendemTepe. The Hill from hell! The hill that contains in itself the devastating force of fire, history, and youth. Nowadays, we call it the Youth Hill, named this way in 1950, because of the youth brigades that used to take the panoramic path to the top. Of all hills in Plovdiv, Dzhendem is the highest with its 283 meters. And the legends about the relationship between the natural landmark and Greek mythology are more than impressive. It was believed that there was a big temple of Apollo on its top. It was also believed that there was a statue of the Greek god there. Today, the hill itself is a giant, snagged over Plovdiv, turned into one of the main preferred destinations both for locals and for foreigners. The plant and animal life is rich, monuments and statues catch the eye and the wider platform at the top has become a meeting point for many youngsters, or romantic hearts, who want to watch the town from up high or enjoy the stars and city lights. There, on the top, you feel at the end of the world. Remote and purified from everything. You can feel nature’s presence and the power of the earth - eternal and untouchable.

There is fun even for the very young ones. Through the Youth Hill passes the only children's railway which tours around the whole hill, revealing its treasures. This is an accessible and interesting way to trigger kids’ imagination.

The open spaces on the hill make it a preferred choice for concerts, sports, and cultural events, as the greenery keeps the place cool even on summer days.

The Hell hill is one of those natural landmarks which inspire nothing but respect. Even if the earth’s surface split in two and the flames of Hell came out, it would still stand greater than ever. It would gather spirits, nymphs, and demons in an eternal feast of mysticism.