The Regatta Venue of Plovdiv is associated most often with sports and this is for a reason. The area is a sports facility, but not just that – it hides so much other secrets. The base is located in the district. Smirnensky and even though it is not located in the center, it is one of the first places that tourists visit. The rowing channel is 2200 meters long, 120 meters wide, and three meters deep, which hold competitions in rowing sports. The base is the largest one in the Balkans, and that’s the reason why  the European Rowing Championship for men and women is held here..

Along the canal, there is a bicycle lane and a walkway, suitable for walking and sweet talk, inline skating, biking  or skateboarding. There are forests on the both sides freshening  and cooling the air. There are various sports fields and playgrounds at the base, there are also an indoor pool and the Plovdiv Stadium. But besides the sports, the natural landmark serves for recreation. It is perfectl for picnics, and visiting some of the frequently organizes concerts and festivals, or a delicious lunch in one of the countless restaurants, some of which are right on the doorstep of the canal, others obscure the shade of the trees.

There is also the zoo, which, for many years, did not function, but now rose from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to accommodate many new species. Inside the channel swim you can see many fish passages, but fishing is prohibited, except during special World Championships.

Walking along the canal you will reach the notorious Plovdiv bridge that passes as an arch over it and connects its two sides. It is known not only that, but the fact that it is the Bridge of lovers in the city. That's where the romantic souls locked their special padlocks, showing love.

Whatever the reason of choosing to see The Regatta Venue is.  whether for sports or just for a walk, the experience will enrich and reload you with new energy.