Youth Hill has turned into a real festival town and is emerging as the favorite place for rest and recreation for everyone under the hills


The huge event and entertainment space kicked off the season in mid-April with the Plovdiv Vibes Festival, and its official opening was at the very end of the month. Plovdiv Stage Park is made entirely of wood and stone. A total of 7 stages function on its territory, four of which are inside and three on the lawn. Also available are an open gallery, a children's camp, numerous pavilions, bars, relaxation and dining areas.

In addition to the many bazaar structures, stages, walkways, food and beverage spots, over 1,200 lounge chairs are also expected to be placed for seating in the green area in front of the main stage. Concerts and various events will take place there, and every Sunday there will be an open-air cinema. Ticketed events are also planned in the main grandstand in the park itself.

Over 200 events are planned this season, from a food fest to Shake that Hill in September. But even if nothing is announced as a program, people can actively use all the features of the area. From an impromptu birthday party in the gazebos, to a stampede of toddlers in the children's area. In the upper part of the area has begun the construction of an impressive rope park.

The program in 2023 on the territory of Plovdiv STAGE PARK includes musical performances with free access, productions of local and visiting theaters and schools, themed entertainment weekends, forums, art demonstrations, artist exhibitions, formats for personal development and business, conferences of public and charity organizations, festivals, concerts of famous Bulgarian artists, pop-up performances of mobile bars and restaurants, extracurricular activities of educational centers and schools, workshops for children, sports activities, free games, bazaars, dance performances, spectacles, outdoor cinema screenings, etc.

The proximity to the Children's Railway and the mini amusement corner in one part of the meadow are the indisputable advantages for all families with children, who can literally spend the whole day there. A true oasis in the city under the hills that you shouldn’t miss visiting this season!