What does Christmas taste like to you

What does Christmas taste like to you? Is it bananas and oranges that were a shortage in Bulgaria before 1989 and the holidays were the only time when we could possibly have them? Or cinnamon cookies, mulled wine and egg punch?

Each of us probably has their own favorite flavors and aromas, which they associate with the best time of the year, but with this text, we’ll try to find out what Plovdiv does smells like this year.

Well, there’s no way you’ve missed all those Christmas beverages in cafes - mochaccino with cocoa beans, latte with gingerbread cookies and milk with honey and cinnamon. It's a real scent of warmth. Choose one of our Cozy places in winter Plovdiv and enjoy sweet talk with your favorite company. This is how we imagine the perfect afternoon break, and the best thing is that the holiday days are yet to come.

There’s also a Christmas cheer in Dolce Fellini, which was selected for the best chain of patisseries in the country for the second consecutive year. There it smells of ginger and cinnamon, and their offers are varied.

From the traditional German Stollen made by an authentic recipe with dried fruits and a unique mix of spices (cardamom, clove, ginger, orange and rum), giving it an irresistible flavor to the Italian Christmas Panettone with chocolate, orange, rum and raisins and ending with ginger cake with almond marzipan, chocolate crisps and caramel. 

We can confirm from personal experience that whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong, and there‘s time for diets - after New Year for example.

Panettone is a wonderful traditional pastry, which at first looks like a kozunak, but its taste and aroma are incomparable due to the specific preparation, which takes between 2 and 3 days. It is also suitable for a gift when you want to show respect to your hosts and bring something sweet to the festive table.

We lead you virtually to another place we love, namely Eddy's Café and Food. For the second year, the weekends before Christmas Eve are always filled with live music, mulled wine and homemade egg punch. All of this combines perfectly with homemade Christmas cookies and specially prepared pancakes for the occasion. Two of them are salty, and two are sweet.

What is more Christmasy than Berlin Christmas with a currywurst, garnished with cheddar. A typical taste of the German bazaars.

The maple syrup offer also takes us with its taste slightly beyond the borders of our country, but we guarantee that the syrup is original and specially brought from Canada for the purpose and to bring us a part of the scents that are unusual in our land.

Hawaiian Riddle may not sound like Christmas, but there's got to be something to warm us up, right? Baked pineapple with pistachio, cream cheese, and a secret ingredient definitely sound like something you should try.

And the last salty temptation is Early bird gets the worm - baby spinach, poached egg, tomatoes, yellow cheese, and Florentine sauce. Suitable for vegetarians.

The owners of the restaurant have decided to keep only two of them in the regular menu, so we challenge you to go on the spot, try and boldly give your preferences. We already have a favorite. How about you?