The month of love and wine is the perfect time to present to you our selection of 5 great places to taste and drink wine

The article was updated in February 2023.

With the assistance of Zina Sorensen

Zina Sorensen is a wine enthusiast, a small-business owner, sustainable tourism advocate, social media aficionado, travel fanatic and food lover. Originally from Denmark, she has been an expat in Plovdiv since 2014. Besides managing her company Bulgaria Wine Tours, she spends her time trying to raise awareness of Bulgaria as a destination for alternative tourism.

In recent years, small and cute bars and places for tasting have appeared in the center of the city under the hills, and greatly contribute to the development of Plovdiv as a destination for wine tourism. The exceptional selection and quality of the drink, the friendly locals and the relaxed atmosphere are a great combination if you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Special festivals such as the Young Wine Festival and the Wine and Gourmet Festival also contribute to the stable position of Plovdiv on the wine map of Bulgaria for all enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

That is why today we have selected for the readers of the only digital guide under the hills 5 wonderful places for tasting and drinking wine.

Trilogie Maison du bon-vivant

Located on a picturesque cobbled street in the upper and quieter part of the Kapana district, Trilogie combines the advantages of a wine bar and delicatessen, where you can find an excellent selection of salamis and cheeses. A wide selection of French and Italian wines is available, including by the glass. With them you can enjoy delicious tapas, prepared with exceptional skill in the combining of ingredients and flavors.

Address: 8A Abadzhiyska St

Chasha Wine Bar and Shop

A cozy bar and shop in the center of Plovdiv, where you can find a full selection of Bulgarian wines from small boutique wineries and try them by the glass or by the whole bottle. They also offer a good range of international labels, which you can pair with something to munch on from the short appetizer menu. They organize regular events to meet manufacturers and test new products.

Address: 12 Beethoven St


A wine bar in the trendy Kapana neighbourhood run by the winemaking family behind the Bendida Winery and Enoteca Bendida. This tiny place has a laid-back vibe and offers a chance to taste local white, rosé and red wines produced by Bendida Winery. Local grapes such as Mavrud and Rubin are the main focus of the boutique winery. Grab a glass of wine, a barstool and a spot by the old oak barrels turned tables. Enjoy the atmosphere. The youthful staff is friendly, helpful, and eager to share their knowledge and passion for Bulgarian wine.

Address: 11 Zlatarska St

AK Glass of Wine:

A charming place to grab a glass (or bottle) of wine that changed location several times in the city. Founded by a famous winemaker in Bulgaria, the aim of the establishment is to combine the pleasure of the drink with the beauty and elegance of art. They are currently located just above the letters, at the foot of Sahat Tepe.

Address: 32 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg St

Multi Culti:

One of our favorite spots for brunch and culinary delights devotes quite a bit of its menu to a special selection of local and foreign wine varieties. Along with them, you will sink into an appetizing selection of tapas prepared following recipes from all over the world. Don't miss them, because they are guaranteed to pleasantly surprise you!

Address: 6 Abadzhiyska St

In fact, you can also find an extensive wine selection in many of the better restaurants under the hills, just don't hesitate to ask your waiter for a recommendation and the list of offers.

Little known facts about Bulgaria and its connection to wine…

  • The Thracian tribes, that inhabited the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula more than 4000 years ago, were avid wine producers, consumers and creators of the first wine culture!
  • In 2017, Wine Enthusiast Magazine selected Plovdiv and the surrounding Thracian Valley Wine Region as one of the Top 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2017!
  • Although a small country, Bulgaria is the second largest exporter of bottled wine in the world after France.
  • There are many excellent native grape varieties in Bulgaria such as Mavrud, Broadleaved Melnik, Dimyat, Red Misket and many more
  • Winston Churchill was supposedly a fan of Broadleaved Melnik and ordered 2 barrels of Melnik wine delivered to him annually!

And if you want to combine your love for the drink with a bit of out-of-town tourism, we advise you to read our suggestions for wineries in the vicinity of Plovdiv.