In 2017, Wine Enthusiast Magazine selected Plovdiv and the surrounding Thracian Valley Wine Region as one of the Top 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2017

By Zina Sorensen

Zina Sorensen is a wine enthusiast, a small-business owner, sustainable tourism advocate, social media aficionado, travel fanatic and food lover. Originally from Denmark, she has been an expat in Plovdiv since 2014. Besides managing her company Bulgaria Wine Tours, she spends her time trying to raise awareness of Bulgaria as a destination for alternative tourism.

The last few years have seen small wine bars and wine tasting venues emerge in the trendy district of Kapana[The Trap], the Old Town of Plovdiv and other central locations in Plovdiv.

Outstanding wines, friendly locals and the rustic atmosphere of Plovdiv make for a great combination if you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Luckily for visitors and locals, Plovdiv boasts a burgeoning selection of places to appreciate good wine and food!

Plovdiv is becoming more recognized for its history and culture as well as for its music, entertainment, and cultural festivals.

A vibrant food and wine scene are following this path of growth and quality that the city is currently enjoying.

Here are 5 great spots to taste and drink wine in Plovdiv:

Vino Culture:

Located on a rustic cobblestoned street just steps away from the Roman Stadium and the Dzhumaya Mosque lies Vino Culture - a popular wine bar in central Plovdiv. A large selection of local wines is available along with an ever-rotating chalkboard of tasty appetizers. Ask the friendly staff (usually the owner himself) what they have “by the glass” or explain what you like and you’ll be treated to a pour of something extraordinary. Vino Culture is a must-visit hotspot!

Address: ul. "OtetsPaisiy" 5

Photo credit: Vino Culture

Regional Wine :

Enoteca Regional Wine is a new project by the award-winning Hotel Hebros (5-star) in the Old Town of Plovdiv. The extensive wine selection consists of both Bulgarian and International wines from selected wine regions. The overall aim is to showcase the unique characters of each specific region. Emphasis is given to local grape varieties and wine lovers can truly discover lesser-known Bulgarian grapes such as Mavrud, Rubin, Melnik 55, Dimyat and Tamianka. Tastings can be arranged by pre-booking. All tastings are led by a WSET certified wine expert.

Address: ul. "Konstantin Stoilov" 55

Photo credit: Gergana Todorova


A new wine bar in the trendy Kapana neighbourhood run by the winemaking family behind the Bendida Winery and Enoteca Bendida. This tiny place has a laid-back vibe and offers a chance to taste local white, rosé and red wines produced by Bendida Winery. Local grapes such as Mavrud and Rubin are the main focus of the boutique winery. Grab a glass of wine, a barstool and a spot by the old oak barrels turned tables. Enjoy the atmosphere. The youthful staff is friendly, helpful, and eager to share their knowledge and passion for Bulgarian wine.

Address: Ul. Zlatarska 11

Photo credit: DeGustoStation

Glass of Wine:

A charming place to grab a glass (or bottle) of wine in the Kapana district with both indoor and outdoor seating. Founded by a famous winemaker in Bulgaria, Glass of Wine is chic, stylish and a great place to enjoy wine with friends.

Address: Ul. Abadzhiyska 8

Photo credit: Glass of Wine


Situated in the modern MarkovoTepe Shopping Mall, Vinopoly is a bar, café and wine shop. The wine list includes many international wines and a few great Bulgarian wines. You will also find a fantastic selection of beers, spirits, and cocktails. The food is tasty and well executed.

Address: bul. "Ruski 52

Photo credit: Vinopoly


Little known facts about Bulgaria and its connection to wine…

  • In 2017, Wine Enthusiast Magazine selected Plovdiv and the surrounding Thracian Valley Wine Region as one of the Top 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2017!
  • Bulgarian wines rank 7th in the world by number of medals won at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017!
  • The Thracian tribes who inhabited the south-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula more than 4000 years ago were avid wine producers, consumers and creators of the first wine culture!
  • There are many excellent native grape varieties in Bulgaria such as Mavrud, Broadleaved Melnik, Dimyat, Red Misket and many more
  • Winston Churchill was supposedly a fan of Broadleaved Melnik and ordered 2 barrels of Melnik wine delivered to him annually!