You can find them locally and online in Plovdiv and in several locations in the capital


We have told you a lot about the history and origin of the neighborhoods under the hills, we have taken you to a number of well-known and unknown places in the wilds of the city. Today, however, we’ll tell you how a Plovdiv neighborhood inspired a famous burger brand and, in the month of love, dedicated a sandwich to it and its rich history and local flavor.

Küçük Paris is 100% free-range, never-frozen Rhodope beef limousin, wrapped in a butter croissant baked in the night, new and even crispier bacon, melted cheddar, homemade bourbon sauce and et voilà, cinéma. You can top it all off with more mouth-watering toppings like: egg, pickles, sweet potatoes, grilled corn, and even an extra serving of bacon.

In its advertising on the subject, the company calls Kyuchuka the most romantic place in Bulgaria, and says that the walks there are like walks along the Seine, only with slaps. Of course, all of us locals know that Kyuchka is not for walks at all, but if you decide to have a walk there – it’s good to do it during the day.

In the comments on their Facebook page, some of the fans want the line with the Plovdiv neighborhoods to be continued and to have special editions dedicated to Adzhisana, Proslav and Stolipinovo, but we all know that these are only neighborhoods, and Kyuchuka is a capital!

Every real Parisian, even those from Komatevo, get Küçük Paris with free fries until the end of the month. How will you prove that you are a real Parisian? Maybe with an ID card, maybe by successfully taking the "Je suis Küçük Paris" test, which will be published on social media.

The brand itself set foot on Plovdiv land back in 2018, and then also entered with a special burger dedicated to the people of Plovdiv. Started as a place for friends to gather, today their burgers have become a byword for the best taste among fans of this kind of food.

You can find them locally and online in Plovdiv and in several locations in the capital.