There is a place that hasn’t changed either its name or its location in the last more than 20 years and continues to be synonymous with party nights


Over the years, we’ve introduced you to quite a few of the establishments that have stood the test of time and still continue to have their loyal customers and new friends. We have devoted a separate article to the first places in Kapana, which were here even before the area distinguished itself as one of fun and good times. We also have a text that goes even further into the past with 5 Plovdiv pubs that unfortunately no longer exist, and today we will surprise you with a place that probably holds the prize for the oldest dance club under the hills to this day, unchanged in name and location.

Some will remember the glorious years at the party establishment B-52, which was previously Borledo. Others associate their youth with Paparazzi, Florida and the clubs around the House of Culture. All of them have already remained in history and today's youth more often associate nights out with the bars in Kapana or places with a more pop-folk orientation. They also quite often change their owners, names, and even concepts...

One club however has remained a pillar of nightlife and for more than 20 years has its name, location and regular clientele who like this type of music. It isn’t located in the most central part of the city, on the contrary – it is surrounded by railway lines and busy boulevards. But the party is always at a level, and the sound is killer. Some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene have played there, and events continue every weekend.

Plazma just recently celebrated its 21st birthday, and although dozens of popular places where young people prefer to have fun have changed over the years, it still has its audience, who enjoy the music to the fullest.