We embark on a search for the options in the higher price ranges, having selected for a period one of the most beautiful months to visit


In 2022, we told you about 3 high class hotels that opened in the city under the hills after the pandemic. All of them offer excellent benefits such as good location, luxurious surroundings, first class restaurants, champagne bar, wellness centers and even bits of history.

Today, however, we embark on a search for the most expensive among them and will look at what the options are in the higher price categories. We chose for a period one of the most wonderful months to visit Plovdiv - September. The weather at that time is gorgeous - pleasantly hot during the day, but in the evening and morning you can already feel the coolness of the first autumn days. It is also a time when the city is buzzing with events. People are still holiday-minded and easy-going, and the possibilities for entertainment are countless.

This year, around September 22, you can have a long weekend with Friday off. We set accommodation for 1 person for 2 nights and one of the newly opened hotels - The Emporium Plovdiv - Mgallery – immediately showed up at first place. It is located on the site of the iconic Evmolpia store near the center, but still not in its ideal part. The entrance to the hotel reception is located in the former DIY store. There is a champagne & cocktail bar in there somewhere, and the investors declare that the rooms are "smart" because they have innovative features - they allow guests to control the lighting, curtains, audio-visual functions, as well as the overall atmosphere. The 5-star hotel has 61 individually designed rooms as well as 12 suites. Part of the hotel will also be the Torro Premio gourmet restaurant, where talented chefs combine the best local products and signature cuisine to provide an incomparable interpretation of modern Bulgarian cuisine. Relaxation and fitness areas are also available for guests' convenience, helping guests to keep body and soul in balance.

The price for the selected dates for a classic room with a king-size bed is BGN 677 with breakfast, and according to the site, the same configuration can be reserved for 352.94 euros if you are not a member and 317.78 euros if you have a membership. Both options are non-refundable upon cancellation.

In second place according to the set criteria is Vizualiza Residence Hotel. It rises high above the central city, on the site of a former tobacco factory. It has more than 40 rooms in different categories, in which every detail is tailored to the specificity of the building and carefully selected to preserve the spirit of the building. The beautiful metal railings are made in the likeness of the old ones by experienced master blacksmiths, and some elements of the interior are made directly by hand and on site, so that not a bit of their original vision is lost. The overall feeling when you enter Vizualuza right from the lobby is of a refined and unobtrusive style, in which all noises and worries from the outside seem to disappear, and the eye smoothly absorbs over 50 unique paintings by world and Bulgarian artists, skillfully and discreetly woven into the interior in place.

Guests can relax in the wellness center or enjoy a unique fine dining concept in the refined Valere restaurant, which offers highlights from around the world in a superior form of performance and is already making a serious bid to become the most delicious place under the hills for connoisseurs of the gourmet cuisine.

To enjoy your stay there you have to pay BGN 583 for single accommodation in a double deluxe room (non-refundable), with breakfast at BGN 35. On their website, the price for accommodation  of the same type is BGN 520 without breakfast and with the possibility of free cancellation.

Residence City Garden, located literally opposite the Singing Fountains in the Tsar Simeon Garden, is the third most expensive option for single accommodation during the September long weekend.

The price for 2 nights with breakfast for a large double room is BGN 478 in a tourist platform and BGN 520 at the reception with breakfast included.

Interestingly, DoubleTree by Hilton, Plovdiv center does not appear as available for the dates we specified in the tourist platforms, but you can book on their website, and the price is quite far from the above-mentioned.

Of course, this is only a small sample, according to set criteria, of the accommodations in the city under the hills. The truth is that there are countless options here according to the tourist's preferences for location, configuration, and even the amenities offered. You can find both cheaper rooms right on Main Street and very artistic and cozy studios for overnight stays in Kapana. It's up to you how you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the oldest living city in Europe, and to choose the dates and reason for your visit - you might also want to recall a bit of the history of the most expensive hotel in Plovdiv in the past.