The answer will certainly not be unambiguous and easy, because everyone has their own preferences and criteria when it comes to choosing a home. But still - is there such a thing as the "best" neighborhood in the city under the hills?


In the conditions of constantly rising property prices and offers of new and completed buildings, we are trying to find an answer to the question of where it is best to buy an apartment for living. The answer will certainly not be unambiguous and easy, because everyone has their own preferences and criteria when it comes to choosing a home. But still - is there such a thing as the "best" neighborhood in the city under the hills?

Such rankings have been made often over the years, and real estate agencies are likely to be able to summarize where the demand of buyers has been in recent times. However, whether we will be influenced by them or choose according to our personal criteria is a strictly personal choice.

A decade ago, we remember that Trakia was chosen as a preferred area for development due to the large number of parks, playgrounds, outdoor fitness, nice restaurants, all kinds of retail chains, convenient public transport. And most importantly - air. There were spaces for parking in front of the buildings for everyone, and the spaces between the apartment blocks were large enough to accommodate even neighborhood football championships among the residents. To date, the construction boom has not passed the neighborhood, as a number of large complexes have sprung up along the buildings, such as Oasis, Gerbera, Olympia and Tomov Plaza, but still positives remain to be the relatively wide boulevards and larger parks and shopping malls.

Then - maybe around 2017, the best area with the cleanest air was the West and especially Smirnenski. At that time, the presence of the Rowing Base and large green areas around Plovdiv Stadium, as well as the proximity to the first mall under the hills were mentioned as positive points in the eventual choice of housing. Now, again, the situation is quite different. Tall new buildings that seem to suck the light around you and increased construction, especially in the part to Proslav and around the Otdih I Kultura Park, where transport can be a problem if you rely mainly on it. However, according to the rankings of leading real estate companies, this continues to be one of the desired places to buy a home after the central part of the city.

As for the Center - a convenient location for a home, if you have at least one garage. From there it is easy to get almost anywhere, but keep in mind that there isn’t much offering of new residential buildings in the ideal center. It is preferred by many foreigners who have chosen to stay in Plovdiv, mostly because of the opportunities for social life and proximity to a number of popular entertainment venues. If you still want to be in this part of the city, but you don’t want to be in the middle of everything that is happening, it is good to look for opportunities in the area of ​​Marasha, Sadiiski and near the Military Hospital. There are no large complexes right next to them, they are within walking distance of the Main Street and there are more large shops and space available nearby.

Recently, there is a large supply of new housing in the South. Until 10-15 years ago, there were a lot of family houses there, which quickly grew into residential buildings. This has significantly reduced green spaces and parking spaces in the area. The positive thing about it is that in the most remote parts of the center (Belomorski, Komatevo, Ostromila) the construction is rather low and although in a gated complex, there is a greater sense of space. It is a good place to live if you want to be in the city, but at the same time away from the biggest noise. The downside is that in the outskirts the infrastructure of shops, restaurants, public transport stops in the immediate vicinity is not yet fully developed and for most of your daily activities you will also need a car. The complexes are often chosen as a place to live by people who move from the Rhodopes, Kardzhali, Dimitrovgrad.

Until recently, the North was also very popular, mainly with families with children due to the large number of primary and secondary schools. But the overcrowding of small streets with high-rise buildings is also being felt more and more. The area is currently growing even in the direction of Pazardzhishko Shose.

In case you are looking at properties in the Eastern region, the areas around the former Kamenitza factory seem to be the best choice for living there. They are again at a convenient distance from the center and there are nearby kindergartens and schools, but there is no way to avoid the overall problem of redevelopment and lack of adequate parking spaces for property.

After all, for everyone the decision of which is the best neighborhood to live in Plovdiv is always strictly individual and personal. The choice often includes many subjective factors such as emotions, family status, place of work, etc., so we ask you: Which is the best neighborhood to live in Plovdiv?