No matter if you are 20 or 50 a date with your significant other is always exciting

Do you remember your first date with your significant other? The slightly embarrassing moments, the awkward silence when even a second seems like an eternity, and the excitement of impressing the person in front of you… These moments are so sacred that if you have a recollection of them even after decades, your knees will probably go weak. And since the romantic moments in our hectic everyday life are getting fewer, the digital guide of Plovdiv urges you to do precisely this - steal some time. No matter if you’ve been married for a few decades, if you are at the beginning of a new relationship or you are still one of those free spirits who can share such moment simply with a close friend or prepare for a first date with someone new, steal yourself an evening and give yourself an exciting experience.

If you are having a first date with someone you want to impress or just want to surprise your mate with a nice dinner and a good drink, today we recommend our favorite and tested places for this purpose.

Absolutely subjectively and biasedly, our favorite place for a first or romantic date is Gluharcheto. There is no way not to give the super nice owners and employees of the colorful restaurant the first place. Just call them on the phone and tell them you're preparing a surprise, and they'll turn a simple dinner into a real holiday. Flowers on the table, romantic aromatic candles, bottle of fine wine and extremely delicate service! If you want to impress someone, it is definitely the place that will win you a few points. And as we have already said about Gluharcheto, their menu is really amazing, so full enjoyment is guaranteed!

If you have already organized a date at the first restaurant, we advise you to go directly to „Smokini“. The place quickly won the people of Plovdiv with its modern Scandinavian design, with intertwined industrial motifs and very good service. If you think there are no helpful and merciful waiters who take care of you so well throughout your stay that you’ll be ashamed if you drop your fork on the ground - there are! And without departing from the actual topic - Smokini is a peaceful and modern place in the very heart of Plovdiv, located on OtetsPaisii Street, which is more than perfect for a romantic date. The restaurant offers a wide variety of quality wines and the staff know what to recommend. The atmosphere is extremely comfortable and relaxed so it’s perfect for your purpose.

Author’s note: If there’s still pork tenderloin with blueberries in the menu, don’t miss it!

We can’t miss one of the most stylish and elegant restaurants in the very center of Plovdiv. Undoubtedly, this is “Atlas”, which will impress you both with food and care, and with a stunning interior. On the first floor there are walls of natural semi-precious onyx stone and accents of ebony branches. The 6-meter walls on the second floor come to life through the picturesque, artistic animations crawling along the curves of the architectural ornaments of the hall thanks to 3D mapping. The restaurant offers an enormous selection of wines from wineries with a long history of winemaking. If this doesn’t help you wow your mate, we don’t know what would be more impressive.

And just as our hearts were beating, we're bringing you back two streets ahead, right in the ”Hemingway” restaurant. You’ll surely smell the food and the freshly baked breadfrom afar. Flavors from Bulgaria, Italy and France are interwoven into one whole, updated by the interpretations of master chefs. The restaurant is located in the heart of Plovdiv, a few meters from the town hall. In Hemingway they rely on the use of entirely Bulgarian products, many of them - the authentic meat delicacies and cheeses -are produced specially by the establishment in small craft farms. There aremany different points of view of gastronomy, all of which unconventional. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, and the best desserts in the city are exactly opposite.

And without being too thorough we’ll share with you one more place where we’ve had an amazing romantic night which we’ll remember. The fifth restaurant we recommend for this purpose is  Note di Vino. This is the perfect place if you are already married with children and want to separate from them at least for a moment and spend some time alone with your significant other. (Do not be afraid to admit it - to take care for a child is tiring and straining. Sometimes you just need a break). The restaurant has a children's play area with an animator who will take care of your children while you are having delicious food in the company of your loved one, and piano music is playing in the background. The food is exceptionally delicious, the interior is classic and stylish and the staff is very kind.

Well, these are our recommendation for places you can visit on a first date or in order to bring back the spark in a long-term relationship. We’ll be glad if you share your opinion in the comments below!