Mass gatherings are still not recommended, but we have found for you some interesting events to entertain your children


Children's Day is celebrated in almost all countries around the world, and in some of them it is on different dates and is celebrated in a traditional way for the country. In Bulgaria it originated from the World Conference on Child Health, which was held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland). In 1949, the day was officially declared International Children's Day, and globally it was celebrated for the first time everywhere in 1950 in 51 countries, including ours. The date of June 1 was chosen due to the fact that on this day in the same year the then Consul General of China in San Francisco gathered dozens of orphans and organized a celebration for them on the occasion of the Chinese festival "Dragon Boat".

This year, in the extraordinary situation created by the coronavirus, grand celebrations on the occasion are not planned. Mass gatherings are still not recommended, but we have found for you some interesting events to entertain your children.

We start with the youngest, because for them staying at home for a long time was certainly a big challenge. For their holiday, the beloved Puppet Theater under the hills will open its doors. The actors will be waiting for their audience with the premiere of their favorite fairy tale about "The Three Little Pigs". The dolls will come to life in the hands of Emilia Kopcheva, Maria Dimitrova, VelizarEvtimov and RadoslavArnaudov. The performances will take place on the new open stage in the courtyard of the theater from 10.30 am, 11.45 am, 4 pm and 6 pm, and tickets can be purchased at the box office or online through the Eventim platform.

Keep in mind that wearing masks is mandatory even in the open spaces of the theater, but if you forgot yours, you will be provided on the spot.

Our next suggestion is for a bit untraditional photo session from Retro Photo Old Plovdiv. In the days from Saturday (30.05) to Monday (01.06) they invite all their little friends to embark on a playful adventure back in time by dressing up in authentic Bulgarian clothes of famous Bulgarian characters, and experienced photographers will take a photo shoot. It lasts 20 minutes, and you will receive the finished footage in about half an hour. The symbolic price includes 10-15 pictures sent by e-mail and a printed photo in an original retro format and with an authentic frame.

They urge everyone who wants to take advantage to contact them to specify the time of the event.

The Ivan Vazov National Library has also organized several events to celebrate the holiday with its young fans. Throughout the day, children can bring or prepare on the spot their drawings of their wildest dreams for a carefree summer, or on a favorite topic, and perhaps an illustration to a wonderful book that kept them company during the long months at home. They will be hung in the lobby of the building, and at 5 pm everyone will receive awards for their efforts.

Water and water sports enthusiasts will be able to kayak with an instructor. All it takes is a lot of desire, a little courage and their presence at the Rowing Channel, from 11 am to 3 pm, and for all those who love animals, in the conference hall they have prepared an interesting film about bats and a conversation on the topic from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

June 1 is the expected date on which the most beloved attraction for Plovdiv –the Singing Fountains, will come alive again for the summer season. Hundreds of visitors to Tsar Simeon's Garden will again be able to enjoy the light and music show in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday. The other water facilities are already operating in the park, and beautiful new colorful figures adorn the city oasis.

It is expected that from this date the games on the playgrounds and the use of the swings and slides will be allowed, without which no walk outside is completely finished.