The first of its kind in Bulgaria selfie shop with seven shooting platforms opened in Mall Plovdiv


You’ve probably already gone to every corner of the city under the hills and made all the obligatory shots for social media. Nebet Tepe, the Rowing Channel, the Ancient Theater and the most Instagramable places in Kapana are a must for every photographer and model, but from this week in Plovdiv we have much more to offer.

Our favorite shopping center has been surprising and challenging us for more than 10 years with interesting concepts for shopping, games and communication with consumers, and in 2020 it will give Plovdiv residents and guests a unique place for fashion selfie photography.

Seven shooting, where amateurs and professionals can unleash their imagination and create unique shots, sites will be available absolutely free of charge for all of us until September. A huge pool with 5000 balls in which to dive with pleasure and try every child’s favorite birthday activity, a cute pink pastry shop with donuts for fans of pink filters, the black and white spiral of illusions and a kitchen where you are upside down - and that's only half of it!

On the other side you will find a romantic view looking like a French chanson, with a blossoming tree and an exquisite bench under it, disco fringes to mysteriously emphasize your look or outfit, and finally - a bathtub to gently lift your legs and relax after the hard filming task.

The creative space is located on the 1st floor opposite the escalators and is open every day between 11 am and 8 pm with breaks: 1 pm - 1:15 pm, 3 pm - 3:30 pm, 6 pm - 6:15 pm. All surfaces are treated with liquid nano protection LiQUID GUARD, and to have fun safely at the same time visitors are allowed in a maximum of 3 separate rooms or only one group.

And below, enjoy the crazy poses that our team did: