The most popular winter sports destinations near the City under the hills


After a week, it will officially be winter, and with it will come the first days off around the holidays. They are also the reason for many of the avid skiers to rush to take out their gear and fill our snow resorts. Although in recent years the natural cover has rarely been satisfactory in December, it is good that popular places are provided with artificial snow facilities and are gradually opening up their slopes for skiing adventures.

Koprivkite area                     

It is the closest and most popular ski destination near Plovdiv, especially for families with children. The slopes there are very suitable for the training of the kids and for unexperienced skiers. The experience is worth it - far from the noise of the great ski resorts in Bulgaria, amidst the wild nature of the mountain, surrounded by snow drifts, bird song and serenity. You will also like the place on the financial side. Situated in the heart of the most extensive Bulgarian mountain - the Rhodope Mountains, just 25 km from Plovdiv, the road to the complex is pleasant and convenient. If you decide not to use a car, regular bus lines pass for your convenience. Koprivki's key location makes it ideal if you want to combine skiing experiences with cultural and historical tourism. The prices are extremely acceptable - 10 BGN for a plot with facilities without a lift per day and 20 BGN - with lift. The opening hours of the beginner area and the restaurant are from 9am to 4pm daily, and the night skiing is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm to 10pm. Webcams are also available on the Internet to keep track of ski conditions.

Ski zone Zdravets

It is located next to Eco Hotel Zdravets and is equipped with everything you need for a complete ski vacation or a day on the slopes. The ski slope is located at 1350 m above sea level, 550 m long and 50 m wide. The ski area has two lifts with a total length of 550 m. It is equipped with artificial snow machines, which guarantee sufficient snow cover even during the warmer days of the winter months. The ZDRAVEC Ski Area also offers a wardrobe with the necessary equipment and a ski school for beginners.

Byala Cherkva

The ski area is located about 40 kilometers from Plovdiv. The track there is with varying degrees of difficulty in the individual parts and is suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers. There is one lift, and there is a tea room in the area where you can relax after an active day on the snow. There is also a convenient parking lot. The prices are again extremely affordable compared to the major ski resorts.

Batak and Tsigov hark

Tsigov Chark is a Bulgarian mountain resort. It is located on the southwest coast of Batak dam, which is the sixth largest dam in Bulgaria. The resort is built at an altitude of 900 - 1100 m and is characterized by favorable climate all year round. There are good conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The Tsigov Chark ski slope is 1500 meters long and the displacement is about 100 meters. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. The track is divided into two parts - the upper is more difficult and steep and suitable for professionals. The lower part has a smaller slope and is wider and beginners can ski there. The upper part of the slope has two rope lifts with grips and the lower one has a platter ski lift. Nearby is the spa resort of Velingrad. Overall, this area is not the most developed for ski tourism, although there are plans to build more winter sports facilities.


Chepelare is the town with the highest altitude in Bulgaria - 1100 meters. In recent years it has established itself as one of the leading ski resorts in Bulgaria. It is located in the Rhodopes, 9km from Pamporovo and 20km from Smolyan. At the end of the town, in the direction of Pamporovo is the ski track Mechi Chal. It is almost 6 km long and is the longest track for alpine skiing in Bulgaria. The track is divided into two: Mechi Chal 1 (3200m) and Mechi Chal 2 (5200m). There is a four-seat lift with a capacity of 800 people per hour. On the plateau at the end station of the lift - up to the peak Mechi Chal (1873m) are installed ski lifts, which are suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders. A track for ski-running and biathlon is built around the city. The one-day card for Mechi Chal is priced at 39 BGN for an adult and 24 BGN for a child, while the Pamporovo-Mechi Chal combination is 55 and 33 BGN.

Ski center Stoykite

Stoykite is one of the first ski centers in the Rhodopes. It has two ski tracks. In the center of the village is a small ski slope, which is easily accessible, wide, sloping and comfortable for beginners. The track has a small ski lift, designed for use by young fans of winter sports. The other track is mainly for winter sports practitioners, skiers and snowboarders. It is larger, 1500 m long, accessible to mid-level skiers. It connects to Pamporovo via a 6-seater lift. The journey takes about 8 minutes and the speed at which the lift moves is 6 meters per second.


We reach the most popular ski destination for people of Plovdiv. Pamporovo has the most sunny days of the year (about 270) of all Bulgarian resorts, with an average thickness of snow cover of 140-150 cm, and is a true dream for every skier. The total length of the ski tracks in the resort is 18km and there are lifts and towers with a capacity of 7,000 people per hour. The variety of lengths and difficulties on the slopes allows for fun for beginners and professionals alike. For beginners, several (green) tracks and several sites equipped with mini lifts have been built. For the advanced, there are several very steep (black) slopes. For freeride snowboarders, the resort offers a halfpipe with a length of about 150 meters and a wall height of 3 meters, located near the Snezhanka 1 (Small Wall) track. The resort also has facilities to support artificial snow, so that even if temperatures are higher, there is an option for the biggest enthusiasts. For the season, a hit remains the 2 in 1 lift card, which provides unlimited skiing on the Pamporovo ski slopes, unlimited skiing on the ski areas of Chepelare, free transport between the two ski areas.