It is suitable for all ages, as it doesn’t require special physical training, and its biggest plus is the social element


Pétanque is a ball game that was created in France at the beginning of the 20th century, but originated from an old Provençal game whose roots date back to the 8th-9th century. There are also reports that the ancient Romans were the originators, and for them it was a game of bocce (balls). The objective of both games is the same, to throw or roll the ball close to the designated target.

It can be played individually, in pairs or threes. It is usually played in threes and the players can be male, female and mixed. When playing individually and in pairs, each competitor of a team has three balls, and when playing in threes - two balls. It is suitable for all ages, as it doesn’t require special physical training, and its biggest plus is the social element. To meet people, exchange a few stories and throw some balls. Connoisseurs say that it goes very well with the most characteristic Provençal aperitif, which conquered the world during the "roaring years" (the 20s of the 20th century) - pastis.

Today, pétanque is the national sport of France and is also very popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as in the former French colonies in Africa, Asia and Polynesia.

It has been officially played in Bulgaria since 2000, and the players also have a federation. It unites ten clubs from Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Troyan, Radnevo, etc. The pétanque sports club in Plovdiv is one of the oldest and has existed since 2008, and over the years it has won quite a number of medals. Under the hills, those who are passionate about this sport use specially built professional and training fields at the following two locations:

East region

The two playgrounds there were opened in 2020 and are located next to a children's playground on General Radko Dimitriev Street and, according to experts, meet the qualities of the best playgrounds in Europe. In addition to the construction, which complies with all the standards of the game, benches and LED lighting are also installed. There is also a sports field for football, volleyball and basketball nearby.

West region, Radko Dimitriev St

This is also the base of the Pétanque Sports Club - Plovdiv. Back in the years, the city under the hills often hosted various tournaments in the categories triplet and doublet according to the Swiss system, and until 2020 this was the only opportunity to practice pétanque. They are near the Rowing Base, so you can combine the game with other opportunities for sports and entertainment.