How to move in Plovdiv and what kind of transport to choose – see in the best Plovdiv Guide

You’ve just came to Plovdiv and you don’t know where to start? We are here to help you solve this problem.

City visitors arrive most often at the Central station or at any of the bus stations, mostly these are "South" bus station or "Rodopi". In all cases you arrive close to the heart of the city – the central part of Plovdiv! You can safely head out on "Ivan Vazov" st. and only about 15 minutes you will be on the Main Street. However, if you have luggage and you have to walk with suitcases or bags – there are alternatives.

If you arrive at “South” bus station or at the Central station, there is bus stops right across with detailing the route of each of the lines, accompanied by a navigation card. Buses pass a few minutes, and if you still have trouble with the card - ask someone. The citizens are polite and almost all would guide you. You can also use the site for public transport:;jsessionid=31B039AE34548CF43CDD8C375B1AA302/.

All you need to do is fill the number of the bus stop (it is written at the stop) and see which buses will arrive, when and where they are passing by. It will cost you only 1 leva to travel by bus. If you travel with suitcase you will have to pay for the luggage as well. The cost is also 1 leva. The tariff for bicycles is different. It is better to ask in the very bus how much it will cost you before it departs.

 If you arrive at bus station “Rodopi”, you need to go through the underpass. That’s how you’ll reach the bus stops for the two directions of the road.

There is an opportunity to save all this wandering in the urban transport – take a taxi cab! The prices are low. The initial rate is between 60 and 70 cents, and the rate per kilometer is around 80, which means that the movement will cost between 3 and 5 leva depending on the distance you travel and of course - the traffic. We don’t recommend the choice of cab that are parked in front of malls, stations, bus stops, etc., because there are scoundrels and they will charge you 20 times more expensive.

Like we said – we are the best Plovdiv guide and we want to make it as easy as possible.

That’s why we’ll tell you the phone numbers of several taxi companies who are dissent and won’t cost you any problems: 032 6155; 032 9199; 032 6665; 032 6160; 032 6665 and more. Of course, if you arrive from a different country you must enter the phone code for Bulgaria, which is 00359.

Now you can easily move from point A to point B. Still, if you wonder where to stay, what cuisine you can find in Plovdiv and which are the best places for fun or curious sights – view . You will surely find quite useful and interesting information. Experience Plovdiv like a local!

Photo: Victor Conev